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These Entrepreneurs Featured On The List Of richest people after hit IPO

IPO made Indian investors rich

With more than 60 public offerings in 2021, investors have obtained fortunes for their investments. Among the IPO that granted these fortunes made huge profits – Latent View Analytics, MapmyIndia, Aether Industry, and Data Patterns.

The Indian markets saw a bull run from mid-2020 up until late 2021. Investors and promoters made money, but analysts predict that the IPO frenzy is over and may not return any time soon.

Yatin Shah, co-founder and joint CEO at IIFL Wealth said that there are still sufficient opportunities in the market for good companies. He believes the IPO frenzy is over and those who list their company now will be asked to sell at a lower price.

Tech companies will not see their value grow in the foreseeable future due to new demand.

Data and analytics company made Rs 5,500 crore post stellar IPO listing

AV Venkatraman, the executive director and chairperson at LatentView Analytics became India’s richest person in terms of software & service sector with a wealth of ₹ 5,500 crore, according to IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2022.

Latent View Analytics made waves in the investment community with a 169% premium for investors over the issue price. It’s worth noting that Latent View topped at 326 times the subscription of its IPO.

Cloud Analytics is a 15-year old company that provides data services such as analytics consulting, business analytics and insights, and advanced predictive analytics. They also offer deep tech data solutions.

Founder of this Surat based company becomes a richest man after the IPO listing

Ashwin Desai, an Indian billionaire and found of Aether Industries, is 71 years old. He debuted on the list of wealthy individuals in 2022 when the IPO frenzy was beginning to die down with a net worth of Rs 10,300 crore rupees.

Because of the positive market momentum, Aether Industries (based out of Surat in India), was able to get listed on the Indian stock exchange at a 9.99% premium. The company produces advanced intermediates and specialty chemicals that have complex, differentiated chemistry and core competency in technology.

Learn about digital maps’s founder now amongst richest people in India with 4,300 crore wealth

Rakesh Kumar Verma, with a net worth of ₹4,300 crore, is ranked 371 in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2022.

MapmyIndia, a mapping company that specializes in digital maps, made its IPO debut last year. The response from investors was strong because the new stock was subscribed over 155 times!

The company is an award-winning company that builds digital map data and geo-location based software-as-a-service.

First person from aerospace and defence industry also featured in the list of richest people

The 60-year-old first defence and aerospace entrepreneur from Chennai, Rangarajan, makes the list with a wealth of ₹2,700 crore.

Data Patterns made a strong debut on exchanges, with shares traded at 40% premium after 119 people bought 100 shares each at the IPO.

Data Patterns is a company that caters to defence and aerospace technology services, with systems spanning space, air, land and the sea.

Bharat Electronics is among the top two players, in terms of profitability, to provide solutions to defense sectors.

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