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Top most reputable jobs in India

“Most Reputable jobs in India” In the scenario of growing job markets that have peaked and recessed through the decades, some promising professions have been profitable, not only monetarily but also with experience. Education that complements full-fledged growth certainly promises a payback. While opting for a career, one has to begin at choosing the right education and streamline. It is an effort at picking a profession, and that pays in itself for the effort one has invested over a period of time. Here is a list of the Most Reputable jobs in India.

We have listed down some jobs here that have actually faced the brunt of recessions and market downfalls and still emerge as well-paid or Highest Paying Jobs in India.

However, the list also has some services that are unique and hence, well-paid. Let us explore in detail.

1. Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is a very demanding job and accordingly compensated well on the monetary front. The payment is an engaging factor for joining the merchant navy. However, the entry-level positions are paid more or less as the ground staff, but as you earn experience, the compensation is pleasant.

While opting for Merchant Navy as a field, one has to ensure the physical & health factors as well as be psychologically prepared to stay on board for 6-9 months at a stretch. One needs to take into account that it is just the deep blue sea and laborious tasks that will be your company. So that also makes it one of the most reputable jobs in India.

Qualification Required: The preparation required for the merchant navy is completing class 12th with Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics. There are few programs to entering the merchant navy.

Salary Range: Cadets to Captain – Rs. 12,000 – 8,00,000 / month.

2. Civil Services

Indian Civil Services is, by far, one of the most reputable jobs in India. The job promises not only the Highest Paying Jobs in India but also job protection and value in terms of the outlook of people towards civil servants.
The post comes with significant power to implement and develop policies, maintaining law & order, disaster management, upliftment of society, representing India on the foreign landscape, and overall administration activities of the nation. Today’s Civil Services is one of the most reputable jobs in India.

Qualification Required: For a civil services education standards is minimum graduation in any stream. Lots of hard work to crack IAS UPSC, IAS, IPS exams.

Salary Range: IAS / IFS & IPS Officers – Rs. 56,000 – 2,50,000 / Month (Also, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, and Dearance Allowance)

3. Medical Professionals

Doctors are usually seen in their private practice and are known to make an immense amount of money. With private practice also comes a lot of responsibility and control of cases. 

Doctors engaged in a job with public or private hospitals also draw a rewarding salary depending on their specializations. Many public and private hospitals bring in a professional and pay them handsomely as these specialists bring significant value to the hospital brand.

Qualification Required: Eligibility criteria for Doctors are education at good medical colleges, Working hard during MBBS, BDS, MD, BAMS, etc After 12th Class.

Salary Range:

  • Government Hospitals – Minimum 25,000/ month.
  • Private Hospitals – Minimum Rs.35,000/ Month
  • Maximum earnings have no end across the private practice

4. IT Professionals

The various verticals under IT come with the need of the changing aspect of the software development arena and its full application. IT has lured many professionals to develop in India as one of the top IT service providers in the world. the changing technology deserves versatile professionals who ride the wave of change and hence, benefit the best on salaries.

Some of the challenging and sought-after verticals in IT that promise profitable salaries are – Big data engineers, Cloud engineers, Mobile apps development, Data security, Data architect, Information systems security, etc.

Qualification Required: An engineering degree from a well-known institute and expertise in trending technology can promise a captivating wage. Tech courses, software-hardware engineers, software testers, computer science, app developer, etc.

Salary Range: 7 lacs to 50 lacs across the experience.

5. Engineering

In the general scenario, engineering is a degree that acts as a vital qualification to extended and specialized qualifications. Over the years, engineering has developed in a new light with cross mixes. Today, we have specialized engineering verticals inspired by the need of the hour and innovation. Also, Genetic Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Agriculture Information Technology are promising professions and pay handsomely.

Qualification Required: A degree from a well-known technical institute from the country makes you the most sought-after applicant and brings along the best compensation.

Salary Range: Minimum 30,000 – 1.5 lacs/month.

6. Charted Accountant

Chartered Accountants drive sales to the financial forefront, and as long as businesses operate. Hence, CA’s will be the need of the time. Chartered Accountant does not quickly attract the best salaries. CA’s who have passed in the first attempt with first-class are most sought-after and are paid best in the industry. 

It just doesn’t end with four-year specialized eligibility. But added articleship {on the job experience) of 3 years is mandatory for classifying as a certified Chartered Accountant. The educational difficulty does reward back for the academically bright candidates. One can start a private firm or be in a consulting job and continue attracting the best in industry salaries.

Qualification Required: Min 60 % needed for graduate/ Post graduate in commerce stream to apply CA. Clearing three levels of exams. Also, article ship {on the job experience) of 3 years is mandatory for classifying as a certified Chartered Accountant.

Salary Range: 7 lacs – 70 lacs/ year.

7. Company Secretary

Company Secretaries are the spine to the companies in administering policies, statutory compliances, and smooth functioning, implementations, and handling repercussions of the Board of Directors.

Also, Secretaries are the hand in glove for the Board of Directors and play a very important role in the effective functioning of company matters. A Secretary can be job-bound on a company’s payment or an entrepreneur in consulting practice. There is a considerable need for the Company Secretary instead of the changing business and market scenarios. The salary or compensation is professionally equivalent to the task and responsibility at hand. Therefore, a Company Secretary in much demanded and the Most Reputable jobs in India.

Qualification Required: Min 12th class is needed for the foundation course of Company Secretary.

Salary Range: Minimum 30,000 – 1.5 lacs/month.

8. Management Consultants

Management Consultants are essentially MBA graduates or senior management professionals who have grown to offer business consultation through their experiences. Business Coach can also be a substitute term for a Management or Business Consultant.

Management Consultants also work on consulting fees or can also work on a percentage-based earning of the profit. It is indeed a profitable profession to mature.

Qualification Required: An MBA graduate after industry experience can opt for the Business Coaching Training Program. 

Salary Range: 45,000/month to a couple of lacs/month.

9. Lawyer

Rain or sun, lawyers are the one hand that protects you from all the legal obligations and keeps you afloat. Run into any legal matter or want legal advice, lawyer is an evergreen job and shall remain. It goes as a clichéd expression that lawyers charge a bomb, and yet they save you from all the entire legal mess.

Also, Corporate Lawyers are mostly job-bound, but other lawyers exercise privately.

Qualification Required: BA LLB 3 Years program after graduation. If you also want to specialize in a special stream of Law then you can do MA LLB.

Salary Range: Minimum 13 lacs/annum with the best law firms in India.

10. Aviation Services

Aviation services are the popular flying jobs with Airlines for the post of pilots. Pilots also take handsome salaries considering the quality of their careers.

A qualified pilot has to spend a considerable amount in qualifying for a commercial pilot license with a minimum fee of Rs. 45 lacs. Also, post-qualification, one has to have 200 hours of flying experience to get qualified as a commercial pilot.

Qualification Required: The least qualification criteria are 12th pass and a height of a minimum of 152 cm according to Indian Flying School standards.

Salary Range : 3 lacs to 8 lacs/ month.

There are a lot of other most reputable jobs in India that pay well. Considering you have the right set of qualifications and experience. Services foster the right set of education, expertise, and experience. Some jobs are demanding and hence pay excellently. The effort is in choosing the right profession that will suit not only your aptitude but also your ability.

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