Top 10 Best Coding Bootcamps to join in 2022

Best Coding Bootcamps

In coding bootcamps, participants are trained in topics such as web development, software design, mobile application development, information technology security, and data science. Technology professionals that want to gain new coding skills and career switchers who are looking to strengthen their existing skill set are typically drawn to these courses. Coding bootcamps often help graduates get jobs as programmers, and some companies even partner with bootcamps to provide placement opportunities.

The goal of this article is to evaluate whether online bootcamps are worth it by examining what they are. Afterward, we will examine the criteria to consider when comparing online coding bootcamp programs.

How do online coding bootcamps work?

They are digital training programs that provide individuals from a variety of backgrounds with the skills needed to work as web developers. Most of them take place over a few months – or longer if part-time options are available. After completing the bootcamp, students should be prepared to navigate the coding world and land a programming job.

Many aspiring web developers consider online bootcamps as the easiest and most convenient way to learn the skills they need. Due to this, you do not have to live near a classroom to learn. With a lot of asynchronous programs, you can learn whenever you want with distance education.

1. 4Geeks Academy

There are coding and AI/machine learning bootcamps offered by 4Geeks Academy in Miami and Orlando, Florida, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, and remotely. At 4Geeks Academy, they believe that in order to become a developer, one must become part of a coding culture. The 4Geeks Academy combines two proven training methods: flipped classroom and part-time training. Over 2,000 students have graduated from the 4Geeks Academy across its campuses, and 85% of them have been placed in jobs.

2. CareerFoundry

Throughout the program, CareerFoundry offers an integrated learning platform, as well as assistance from a tutor and a mentor. A project-based, hands-on curriculum culminates in a professionally-designed portfolio. Graduates also have a 96% job placement rate, with 96% of eligible graduates landing jobs in tech within six months of graduation.

3. App Academy

Coding bootcamps are available online at Bloc. These programs are designed for those just starting out in web design and development. It offers web design and development tracks so students can choose the option that best suits their career goals. Bloc bootcamps are usually completed within five months.

Furthermore, Bloc offers mentorship programs and an online community to support student learning. Bloc reimburses tuition if you are unable to find a job within six months of graduation, unlike many other coding bootcamps.

4. Wild Code School

With WCS’s full-time web developer remote program, you’ll become familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Node.js frameworks in just five months. The school offers a part-time Frontend Development program as well as free introductory classes and employability counseling in French.

5. Actualize

It offers part-time and full-time options for 12 weeks of software development training in Chicago and online throughout the United States. Full stack web development taught by instructors with professional educational experience, which includes Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, VueJS, SQL, and Git. Online Live classes are conducted in real time via video conferencing, just as the in-person programs do. “Job Hacking” is an integral part of Actualize’s curriculum focused on gaining the skills necessary to land a new job, which Actualize believes is equally important to learning to code.

6. Byte Academy

Two coding bootcamps offered by Byte Academy. The course caters to professionals who wish to hone their skills in web development using the Python programming language. The machine learning and data science programs concentrate on data science. Income share agreements are available at Byte Academy to qualified students; however, this option may be more expensive than other financing options.

Students are able to gain real-world experience and internship opportunities through Byte Academy’s partnership with SpryteLabs. A unique tutoring system, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor students’ progress and assignments, is also provided by Byte Academy.

7. Devmountain

Students at Devmountain learn software engineering, web development, cybersecurity, and mobile application development. A full-time bootcamp completed in 16-32 weeks thanks to its full-time format. The bootcamp for Software Quality Assurance takes 12 weeks for part-time students, although most part-time programs take 16 weeks.

The company also offers in-person bootcamps at Strayer University campuses in several states as part of its partnership with Devmountain. Students at Devmountain bootcamps gain hands-on experience and gain the skills they also need to launch careers in technology.

8. General Assembly

The online coding bootcamps offered by General Assembly taught through Zoom and Slack, on campuses across the country. As professional web developers, students will also encounter a variety of techniques and workflows as part of the software engineering course.

9. Boolean Careers

Bootlean is an international education company based in Italy and the UK that offers a six-month online course that transforms coding beginners into full stack developers. Typescript, React, JavaScript, and Node.JS are some of the technologies students learn in the UK. In Italy, the curriculum includes subjects such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, and Vue.JS. Those interested in a career in technology should enroll in this program. A total of 700+ hours of training spread across live lectures, practical work, and projects. Training is provided by instructors with experience as professional developers. Theirs mornings include a live online class, also followed by practical exercises and 1:1 support in the afternoons.

10. Springboard

In addition to front-end and back-end development (using Python, Flask, and SQL), this program includes Node and Express to build applications. Springboard offers a deferred tuition system, which means that after paying an initial deposit, you will not have to start paying the remaining amount until after you start your new job as a web developer.

What are the benefits of coding bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps give you the skills you need to advance or launch your tech career at a relatively affordable price. However, there are some caveats to remember, such as the lack of regulation, the transparency of student success, and the reputation of the school. To ensure you select the right bootcamp for your career goals, it is also important to research bootcamps carefully.

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