Joe Biden in Delhi Tomorrow for G20 Summit: Unveiling ‘The Beast’ and Unparalleled Security Preparations

Joe biden Delhi

As part of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi, US President Joe Biden will travel to India on September 8. Joe biden will travel to the national capital – Delhi in ‘The Beast’, the US Presidential Cadillac, which will be flown to India from the US by Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

As soon as the US President lands in India on Friday, he will meet with Prime Minister Modi in a bilateral meeting.

Security Through Three Layers

During Joe Biden‘s visit to Delhi, three layers of security will be in place, including paramilitary forces, commandos from India’s Special Protection Group, and Secret Service agents.

The ITC Maurya Sheraton hotel will host Joe Biden and other US delegates. The staff will undergo background checks, and special access cards will be given to those visiting the 14th floor.

There are about 400 rooms booked at this hotel. A special lift will be installed to reach the top floor.

India Welcome’s Beast

As the official state car of the US President, ‘The Beast’ will be transported to India from the US by a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

The United States Secret Service will guard the bulletproof car at all times, making it the strongest and safest in the world.

Army and National Security Guard (NSG) commandos will be aboard helicopters of the Air Force and Indian Army to keep an eye on Delhi.

Many places in Delhi will be equipped with anti-drone systems. NSG and Army snipers will be stationed on high-rise buildings.

Delhi Police has coordinated with the advance teams of different countries and taken their security concerns into account.

India: Joe Biden

The White House announced on Friday that Joe Biden will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 8 after testing negative for Covid-19.

On September 9-10, he will participate in the official sessions of the G20 Summit

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