The reason behind the science of mind management reveals Swami Mukunanand

the science of mind management

It is true that if you beat your mind, you can conquer the world, even you can beat anyone, such as your enemy, mind, body, or any kind of situation. This idea is interpreted in Scripture, which includes real-life events, own learning skills.

Swami Mukunananda has written a new book called THE SCIENCE OF MIND MANAGEMENT which is published in Westland. Swami Mukunananda is a graduate of IIT and IIM. He also shares practical tips for managing one’s mind which the reader can apply in everyday life. This book tells about the importance of mantras of mind, management, and success.

The purpose of the mood for people is significant punishment. To choose happy thoughts in any kind of bad situations is actually called Mind Management.

Some people are in comfort and luxury, they are not happy why? The reason is control of the mind only. Some have nothing but are happy nonetheless because they have learned to control their minds and emotions.

It is important for everyone to learn the science of mind management, if the mind is trained enough it will become the greatest resource for optimism, happiness, determination. Then only able to withstand anything in the event of this epidemic.

You are not told by the negatives only through viruses and bacteria.
Everyone is aware that emotions can also make you sick, for example, emotions can increase your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. Many times when a person has mentally stressed it slows down your immunity like you get a cold.

So this is the relationship between mind and body. Negative emotion affects your body badly, it makes your blood toxic, damages our organ, and weakens our lives.

Various studies in recent times have shown that emotion and physical well-being are correlated between each. Even at Harvard Medical School, there is a full emphasis on physical therapy of the mind, including meditation and the treatment of diseases through positive psychology.

Many diseases are caused by the mind, if we get negative thoughts then it will cause many diseases.

1. Positive Declaration and Self Talk are some of the things that can control people with their minds.

Self-talk is one way we talk to ourselves. If we talk negatively self then your mind will be your biggest enemy. Positive thoughts can program to create a mindset of hope and optimism and to be our best friend. So with the help of positive thoughts, we can develop positive thoughts.

Here are some

• I have a very good plan in the universe – Whatever it may be, Will be for good

• Every cell in my body shines with joy and bliss

• There is an abundance in the creation and I will always have enough.

2. It takes 21 days to build a hub.

If we have decided to break any old habit, then firstly we need to spend a lot of willpower, then slowly it will eventually build. We are always engaged in good behavior and try to leave the bad.

The formation of habits requires daily practice.

‘Ideal Mind Management’ came as the theme for a lecture series and has struggled to create content for it.

3. Some tips for mind management

How we handle rejection is more important than how we regard to victory.
The world of marketing loves to feed us with stories of people who have achieved instant success and changed their lives overnight.

They encourage a lottery mentality where people pin their hopes on winning the jackpot one day.

They have forgotten that success is a journey that we must take one step at a time.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

My advice that is rejected is not to remember the failure as the last. Therefore self-improvement is the most important part of life.

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