Vito Glazers: A successful influencer marketer on the Internet

Vito Glazers an influencer marketer

Finding the right influencer is essential for your market positioning and campaign success. It’s no secret that the easy days of TV to shelf marketing are long gone. Consumers of today are smart, savvy and connected shoppers — they have a plethora of choices available to them. Due to this, marketers have had to enhance their creativity to lure them towards their products and services. One such emerging method is influencer marketing.

There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the digital world today who have done a lot in the marketing business. Similarly, here we are going to discuss such a wonderful personality or an influential person of brands in this digital world, named Vito Glazers.

He is a 33-years old Americal entrepreneur and the CEO of One World Publishing. He is an established advertising expert and content producer for the last 15 years. Vito Glazers has started his career in digital marketing and becoming a part of some cutting edge news shows and television programs and most recently opened an opportunity to begin producing his own films. 

Vito Glazers is currently working with One World Publishing is to help people, causes and brands develop and tell their stories and build audiences through digital content, social media, news stories, and traditional media like radio, television, and film.

His entire career has been about trying to pioneer the next path and opportunity.

Vito Glazers Ambitions

When people in the advertising business were completely focused on data and metrics, he was one of the first to be focused on brand legacy, creative contribution to society, and social resonance. 

That’s why he made a separate image in this market unlike others do sales pitch and finding the new business opportunity. 

Vito Glazers’s thinking is different from others, he wants to be a brand so that people know him… “It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you,” he says.

Predictions for influencer marketing

The definition of influencer marketing has changed over time just as much as the industry itself has. When he started in the business, influencer marketing was just another term for celebrity endorsements. The rise in social media influencers disrupted that.  Now the traditional celebrities are disrupting and taking back or developing their own platforms and market share.

He said… “the term influencer itself is even something that is often debated.” “The term ‘micro-influencers’ is a new and very relevant term.”  “My prediction is that micro-influencers that have small, but very targeted, valuable audiences, will be the celebrities of the future, and I think that is a good thing.” “Instead of a few people making billions from content, there will be thousands, maybe even millions of people making five, six and seven-figure incomes from their content and audiences.”

Vito Glazers Mission

Vito Glazers tells about his next six-month plan. His aim is to be a partner with at least  100 celebrities and influencers and helps 5,000 brands leverage their audiences to bring inspiration stories and products to millions of people within the next six months. 

He had recently acquired a brand name with one of his partners and turned it into a network where members can partner with celebrities and influencers to leverage their growth through charity giveaways. 

Within the next year, Vito’s first film coming out, with at one more scheduled to be in production after. 

His mission in life is to help people tell their stories, and build audiences that are inspired and appreciate those stories. And, the internet gives a great opportunity in all of history to help people pass on their stories and leave their legacy. His plan is to continue leveraging celebrity audiences to help create the next generation of celebrities and influencers, help them develop inspiring, helpful, influential and important stories, and distribute them through the many evolving digital distribution platforms.  

Final words

There’s a big difference between popularity and influence. It’s common for influencers these days to buy likes and followers to boost their numbers.

There’s no denying that influencer marketing is a powerful tool and when used properly it can have a big impact on both brand awareness and your bottom line.

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