Karla Souza wins the Best Actress Emmy Awards, Shefali Shah misses out on ‘Delhi Crime’

Karla souza Emmy awards

The ’51st International Emmy Awards’ have just started and actress Karla Souza has won the award for the Mexican series ‘La Caida’. She was nominated along with many others, including India’s Shefali Shah, who received nominations for Delhi Crime Season 2. The International Emmy Awards 2023 official account shared the winner, ‘Carla Souza wins the Best Actress award for La Caida.

Besides Shefali Shah, other celebs nominated for Best Actress included Connie Nielsen for the Danish show ‘Dromeren’, Billie Piper for the British show ‘I Hate Suzie Too’ and Karla Souza wins the Emmy awards for ‘La Caida’. Shefali lost her first Emmy for her show Delhi Crime 2. This was India’s first International Emmy Award.

Delhi crime 2– Karla Souza wins Emmy awards

Delhi Crime Season 2 is a Web Series When a violent quadruple murder stokes public fear and escalates New Delhi’s class divide, DCP Vartika and her team race against time to catch the killers before they strike again.

‘Delhi Crime 2’ is directed by Tanuj Chopra, and Shefali Shah plays the lead actress Vartika Chaturvedi. Rajesh Tilang and Rasika Duggal also attend the event. Shefali wore a beautiful saree and completed her look with a bindi.

Shefali said yes in just five minutes for delhi crime 2

Ahead of the event, Shefali told ANI, “I’m very excited, very happy. It’s a big deal. It took me just five minutes to say yes after hearing Richie Mehta narrate the script for the first time. After hearing how the Nirbhaya case unfolded, I immediately said I wanted to do it. I didn’t think much about this decision. It came out of my heart.

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