Death of Sushant Singh Rajput: Is it a Mere Mystery or something Else!!!

his death was an untold mystery which unfortunately no one can resolve.

A student at Delhi Technological University, an excellent dancer, who left his career to pursue in films soon became one of the leading and promising actors in Bollywood was found dead hanging from the ceiling, named Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant Singh Rajput died on June 14th, 2020 and it has been almost 2 months, the police are still investigating what exactly prompted Rajput to commit suicide, which remains a mystery. After all, he seemed to have a lot going for him; his last film, 2019’s Chhichhore, was a box-office winner, earning Rs 150 crore, and he had a release coming up in Dil Bechara, which eventually started streaming on July 24 on an over-the-top (OTT) movie platform. But his death was an untold mystery which unfortunately no one can resolve.

He was a 34-year-old actor with a seemingly promising movie career ahead of him, was found dead at his rented apartment in Mumbai’s Bandra in what the police suspected was a case of suicide. The death triggered dark conspiracy theories of how a powerful cabal of Bollywood producers had tried to sabotage his career, pushing him to kill himself, and set off a raging debate on insiders versus outsiders and the role of nepotism in the Hindi movie business.

The death of Sushant was initially diagnosed as a mental health issue. While investigating a lot of Bollywood Figures came into the picture. While it was evident that it was just a suicide, still some questions are there on it being not a mere suicide. It could have been something more!!

Rajput’s long-time ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande,35, has demanded an in-depth investigation, saying a man with so much joie de vivre couldn’t have sunk into such a deep depression that he would have taken his own life, and offered to be a witness. His last girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, 28, said the actor was under severe mental stress and on medication.

Bollywood came calling after his small-screen appearances. In 2013, Rajput made a successful film debut with Kai Po Che! which started his Bollywood journey. Shuddh Desi Romance, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi! and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story was his subsequent films. The last-named movie was a box office smash, cementing Rajput’s stardom.

After Chhichhore turned out to be a box-office hit, Dil Bechara, a remake of the 2014 Hollywood film The Fault in Our Stars, opened to a record-breaking 95 million views in 24 hours on Disney Hotstar on July 24.

It was revealed that he had been suffering from depression for the past few months and had stopped taking the medicines for the past few weeks. Rajput’s sudden death sparked a conversation about mental health, and the kind of difficult life film stars lead. A lot of theories have sprung up which makes the untold mystery spicier.

Apart from that one of the major accused was Director, Mahesh Bhatt. Some pictures of Riya and Mahesh Bhatt had also gone viral on social media. Hence Mahesh Bhatt is also one of the suspects. The media posts started coming in 2018. The social media was strewn with Rhea’s pictures with Mahesh which had left the audience in a dither. A lot may audiences had questioned their relationship and slammed the actress for the pictures.

Rhea seemed to give a response to the conversation in social media, Instagram, saying, “Tu kaun hain, Tera naam hain kya? Seeta bhi yahan badnaam hui! “If there is some amount of reluctance in the minds of the common man, then the fault is in their mindset as Sita Goddess had to undergo such a fiasco. While Rhea denies her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt and says that she treats him as a mentor and a father.

On June 8th, when Rhea left Sushant’s home, she had exchanged a series of communication on WhatsApp with Mahesh Bhatt. In these messages, she did thank Mr. Bhatt for unclipping her wings the second time. The messages between Rhea and Bhatt were exchanged and sent between June 9 and June 15. Some bits of conversation on the day Rhea left her boyfriend, Sushant’s house was leaked to the press, now even on that day have been revealed.  Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead on June 14. Recently, Mahesh’s WhatsApp chat with Riya made the special relationship known to them. This clearly indicates that there is something fishy in this entire so-called suicide!!!

Another aspect could be Kangana Ranaut’s viral Instagram video where she talked about how outsiders— people in the film industry without any family connections in the business — are pressurized by the insiders.

In a new twist to the debate, Mumbai-based psychotherapist Susan Walker, claiming to be Rajput’s therapist, told journalist Barkha Dutt’s multi-media content platform Mojo that the late actor was suffering from severe bipolar disorder and tried to offer a clean chit to Chakraborty, setting off a controversy on whether her revelation had breached patient-therapist confidentiality.

Meanwhile, Actor Shekhar Suman has expressed his pleasure at the manner in which the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has successfully started investigating the case. He also disclosed the fact that he had been to Bihar and paid a visit to meet Sushant’s family. According to Shekhar, it will be a victory of democracy, truth for millions of youngsters who are vying to be a part of the film industry.

All these have led to great controversy and Sushant Singh’s death is an untold mystery which the Mumbai Police is still trying to solve.

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