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I have an experience of about two decades in Public Relations, Content writing. I have worked for different PR agencies in India and have travelled abroad .Throughout my career, I have been engaged in writing, conceptualising and giving strategic approach to clients. Writing has always been my passion. My hobbies include reading and listening to music.
Media & Entertainment

Drug Addiction ruins the career of Indian Actors

All that glitters is not gold. Here goes the saying and it is so true. We all like to enjoy the stardom of

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State & Urban

Are the Local aid workers suffering during Pandemic? – A Report

The pandemic has created a vast gap between the rich and the poor. Local aid workers have a critical role to play in

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US Election: What citizens think about Trump?

Like millennials, who are now in their mid-20s to 30s, members of Generation Z born after 1996 feel to be left. A lot

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Facts & Comment

How did Mona Lisa become the world’s most famous painting? Story of a thief…

Who does not know about the Mona Lisa painting? It has been world famous for years now. The Mona Lisa is one of

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Missing schools can be more dangerous than coronavirus

The schools had been closed across the globe as a measure to fight against the pandemic. It was just for the mere fact

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Healthcare & Fiscal

Not only humans, animals can also be at risk of Covid 19: A Report

The pandemic has struck human fraternity and has put lives at stake. While more and more humans are dying of Covid 19, yet

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Pharma & Healthcare

“Contactless Yet Excellent Service” is the Future of Hospitality Industry

According to the health guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, all hoteliers are required to re-evaluate what is necessary within the business

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Are Indians Really Leading happy Married Lives? Here are 5 reasons for Increase in Divorce Rates in India

According to a BBC report few years back, it was stated that thirteen marriages out of a thousand ended in divorce in India.

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Food & Drinks

The World’s Most Nutritious Foods: According to Science

Healthy eating is the key to good health. The food consumed by us often benefits us in immense ways from preventing cancer to

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Real Estate

Will the Real Estate sector revive after Covid19?

It is perceived that the real estate business can be a major driver for reviving the economy in the post-COVID world. Mushrooming urban

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