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“Contactless Yet Excellent Service” is the Future of Hospitality Industry

Contactless solutions have become a priority within the hospitality industry

According to the health guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, all hoteliers are required to re-evaluate what is necessary within the business and have access to contactless solutions to provide customer experience with ease and safety. Contactless solutions have become a priority within the hospitality industry. While contactless is not a new concept, it can now be more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

The changing technology has transformed the world around us in a huge way. Apart from helping us to stay connected now technology is making our travel easy and safe. Hotels need to look for technology solutions that not only inspire guest confidence during their stay, but also address staff safety.

Over the years the hotel staffs have been working in confined quarters behind a “front” desk, with customers forming a tight queue opposite them. However now it seems that with technology it would not remain a standard procedure now. With core hotel systems like property-management systems deployed in the cloud, staff can step outside the front desk bay, taking the applications they need with them. Now hotels are also equipped with tablets hence this in turn helps the front-desk employees to not only move beyond the desk, but to mitigate crowded lobbies and long lines. This step simultaneously safeguards guests and maintains social distancing at the time of Covid 19.

We all are aware that the hospitality is built on connections, and hotels can maintain one-to-one relationships with guests, even with less face time. Though the guests are the prime focus of their business yet keeping the current scenario in mind, its critical to improve real-time collaboration and communication among team members and staff. Chatbots and robots offer strong opportunities to minimize direct person-to-person interaction in the hospitality industry without sacrificing service or communication.

Hoteliers have remodelled their standard operating procedures towards providing greater care and ensuring a safe environment for their guests. Some eminent hotels like Roseate Hotels and Resorts has launched an initiative called ‘Care by Roseate’ to make their patrons comfortable with availing hospitality services in the new normal, post lockdown scenario.

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts also announced the launch of its initiative ‘Suraksha’ in partnership with Bureau Veritas India to develop and validate additional protocols and sanitisation procedures. These protocols will be reviewed regularly and certified by a team of hygiene experts from Bureau Veritas, India who will also contribute towards raising the level of awareness as well as provide training to associates as these initiatives get implemented across the brand’s entire portfolio.

Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) is working in close consultation with its longstanding global partners, who are pioneers in providing smart sustainable solutions for cleanliness and hygiene for the hospitality industry.Catering to the rising demand and the peak of the hour, hotels have come up with social distancing to contactless check-in and dining – Interactive technology to deal with pandemic issues. They have also included integrating new-age technologies related to booking engines, mobile apps, digital concierge services, automated check-in and check-out and keyless entry systems.

Hence the hotels all over the world have changed their service to contactless service to give us the best experience under the safety guidelines of WHO.

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