How the perfect hospitality procurement tool maximises performance and profit

Hospitality procurement

Getting decision-making right in the hospitality sector can be the difference between a business being successful or struggling, making a loss, and eventually going under. There are fine margins involved with so many options to choose from in this highly competitive industry where businesses are looking to give themselves an edge against their competitors.

The little things that make all the difference might be the quality of ingredients or materials being used, or the standard of specialist contractors being brought in to carry out specific roles. Finding the right prices without offering an enticing product is the key.

To be able to make the correct calls can take up valuable time and see an opportunity go begging. Having all the data involved in running a business at one’s fingertips would offer a huge advantage. This is why using the only available hospitality procurement software designed for the industry proves invaluable to any enlightened business that chooses to invest in it for the following reasons.

  • The digital tool produces vital information to allow a business to get ahead of the field while offering huge money-saving potential as well as immeasurable time. Rather than the tired old process of looking through catalogues or ringing around suppliers, this superb platform allows purchasers to access vital information in one place via their PC or mobile devices. With many stakeholders all collected in one place the available choices are huge, and forever growing so that the best value for money and quality can be sourced in all the individual sectors that make up the hospitality industry.
  • The incredibly versatile platform allows so many functions that free up schedules so that the needs of the customer can be accommodated without any concerns as to how the operation is running behind the scenes. Inventory management is made easy so that the dangers of running out of a vital commodity are minimized. The data can flag up when it’s important to restock items in catering that are coming towards their sell-by date, rather than having to check labels. It allows for a reduction in unnecessary storage, as only the items required are kept in stock, leading to increased efficiency.
  • With a free digital demo being available, it makes absolute sense to try the fantastic tool which allows for an integration of suppliers, whether worldwide or locally, so that all the best options become available in an instant through the extensive customised catalogue. It can be added to when a new supplier is found, to add to the choices when decisions need to be made. The suppliers are forever updating the tool at their end, so real-time information is readily available, rather than the frustration of finding something by other means and then finding out that it’s unavailable after taking time with a needless phone call. It might be to order Indonesian coffee, which has made an impact in China.
  • New strategies can be formulated with this influx of available information to streamline a business and maximise its potential. Informed decision-making is far easier when data is at hand. It might be used by chefs who latch on to a supplier selling an ingredient at a great value that allows items to be added to a menu that is not offered elsewhere. Recipes can be shared that create an understanding and allow for consistency. Purchase ordering is made easy so that only items that fall into the set budget and other parameters become available to those within the business who log in. 
  • The frustrations of equipment not being updated when required and letting down the user at vital moments can be eradicated as CAPEX, or capital expenditure is put into the equation. A budget can be set to allow for replacements and upgrades so that physical assets remain in good condition with smooth transitions ensuring that they remain up to the task. This allows those making the financial calls to look ahead with clear planning so that a realistic budget can be set.
  • The procurement platform rids the need for paper invoices, which immediately negates the chances of anyone losing proof of payments for personal gain. All purchases and incomings are chronicled digitally, through a secure and efficient system so that judgement calls can be made through the transparent digital archive. It also allows for existing accounting tools to be integrated into the platform so that all information can be sourced in one place through the seamless tool that provides so many functions and creates connectivity across the industry. It may even allow for some quality downtime being spent together as a team.
  • The ease of use of the platform is phenomenal with no need for any complicated installations. Its previously mentioned interface with other previously used tools, which can include finance and staffing are brought together in one place. The risks of going over budget or being left in vital departments disappear. It can be installed on a PC, tablet or smartphone via the app, which offers incredible flexibility. Decisions can be made on the go when alerted to new possibilities. A simple-to-follow dashboard highlights all aspects of performance and signals any dangers that require attending to. It allows more important matters like ensuring that guests will return after enjoying the highest quality customer service to be attended to.
  • Having information regarding contractors and their terms and conditions available instantly will avoid any misunderstandings that can occur in live situations if evidence can be provided. This can be especially invaluable if in an outside location managing a function. Alerts to contracts requiring to be renegotiated can prove invaluable so that being left short of numbers is averted. It’s easy for anyone to take their eye off the ball with so much going on. The platform means the chances of allowing it to happen are vastly reduced.

The incredible hospitality procurement software makes management and production easier, saving time, money, and stress. Budgeting can be set and adhered to which maximises profitability.

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