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Dubai ruler’s ex-wife Princess Haya had affair with her bodyguard!

Dubai ruler's ex-wife Princess Haya had affair with her bodyguard!

Princess Haya is a former wife of the Dubai ruler. She was the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. But according to recent news, it has been revealed that he had an affair with his bodyguard for almost two years.

Princess Haya paid her British lover Rs. 12 crores to keep their relationship quiet. She also paid the same amount to the other three bodyguards who were aware of her affair. She gave them money to keep quiet.

Princess Haya is 46 years old, daughter of the late King of Jordan. She presented a 49-year-old gun to her lover and a 37-year-old Rasgulla flower and a watch worth Rs 12 crore.

Her case came to light after Haya’s child custody against her husband in a London court. Princess Haya gave him lots of expensive gifts. The queen is out of the house every night his friend claimed.

The princess’s husband made several claims on it, but the princess rejected the number of claims on her. After encountering her husband Princess Haya, Princess Haya moved from Dubai to London with her two children. Her 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. Now she lives at her home in London with her children, the cost of the house is 850 crores.

Princess Haya does not want to disclose her relationship to the world. And the other two bodyguards are also aware of her relationship with her bodyguard. She is not happy with her husband who is the ruler of the Emirates of Dubai.

She is used to sending gifts to his bodyguard. She is a royal regiment for many years. She applied for child custody in a London court. Many of the prince’s family and friends had claimed on the princess.

It is also the flower that is served to the Princess of Wales for a royal regiment for five years. Now the princess is separated from her husband and does not live with him anymore.

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