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Actor Milind Soman booked for obscenity over nude picture

Actor Milind Soman has been booked for indecency for her nude photo on the internet.
Milind Soman is also a supermodel, she took a picture while running on Goa beach and this picture went viral.

The South Goa Police has registered FIR under Section 294 for (obscenity) Indian penal code along with other relevant sections of the Information and Technology Act, against Milind Soman. The FIR has been registered at Goa Police Station at Kolwa station.

Milind Soman, on his birthday, had uploaded a picture on Twitter running on the beach, turning 55 that day. His wife Ankita clicked the picture on the beach, Milind Soman did a superb running. How dangerous all of this is in itself.

According to Ankita, her picture gives a positive message to everyone. Whoever you are, you are free to be happy. I really love him for who he is, it’s all about the incredible light and energy around him. Milind has always been himself and I consider him for me.

Milind Soman just wants to spread positivity and peace on his 55th birthday. He is truly a real man. Well maybe his message was something he wanted to spread but our country has some rules and laws which as an Indian we have to accept.

Milind breaks image boundaries when clicked the nude photos. No one can take a naked photo like goa beach in public and upload it on social media, it can also spread negative messages. This picture can spread vulgarity, immorality in our country.

Spreading nudity on beaches and on the Internet is not allowed at all in our country.
His wife clicked his picture while running over Goa Beach. Well maybe Milind Soman wants to spread positivity but this picture causes trouble for him! As an Indian resident we need to follow our rules and regulations as India is known for its customs, culture, and traditions, no one can spoil it which we need to maintain.

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