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Bollywood Glamour becomes a baggage for business women: Gauri Khan

Gauri khan with Manish Malhotra

“A business doesn’t need only contacts, name recognition and money before it is successful”. “There are variety of validating factors required such as Passion, Dedication, and Determination”, says Gauri Khan.

However, according to interior designer Gauri Khan, you can only create a long lasting business with passion. Although it can take time, the potential is there if you put in the hard work.

Gauri Khan’s collaboration, with Manish Malhotra, who is a celebrity designer himself will design homes for 200 lucky customers.

Starting a business is a tough for women. It’s already hard for artisan whether you are in Gujarat or wives of Bollywood stars to find validation, so it doesn’t matter what you are.

Gauri Khan, now an interior designer, had her start in the movie industry, but like other designers has not found it easy due to the market behaviour.

According to conversations with Business Insider, there is difficulty within Khan’s field of people believing they can really trust you. The interviewer also noted that it is possible this is because you are married to such and such person. Disadvantages to trusting someone with a lot of experience include people being intimidated by the person or not wanting to approach the person because they come with other whims and fancies that come with a baggage.

After successfully designing beautiful homes, she is now expanding her design reach to create homes for 199 lucky families. She will collaborate with famed fashion designer Manish Malhotra in order to create these designs.

As a part of marketing campaign, Bonito Designs has partnered with Gauri Khan and Manish Malhotra. Bonito Designs will be designing 199 customer’s homes in the beginning and will give the first few that they collaborate with an opportunity to have their home designed by a celebrity artists.

Gauri Khan, designer of Gauri Khan Designs, is about to launch a new line of her products. The partnership with Khan will be the company’s first foray into the rest of India.

Khan says that making art was always a natural part of her life and she grew up drawing, sketching, and painting. When she discovered her passion for interior design, it fit her artistic nature.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Khan describes her journey to being a successful woman entrepreneur. She emphasizes that you should love what you do and to never give up because passion can help you through anything.

Khan advises people to apply hard work, passion and dedication in any business they choose.

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