Brahmastra wipes out over 800 crores of India’s biggest theater chain PVR and INOX

Brahmastra review

With early reviews pouring cold water on Brahmastra, India’s largest theater chains PVR and Inox, who invested heavily in the movie, have cumulatively lost over 800 crores under market capitalization today.

The Indian film, ‘Brahmastra’, is a prime example of symbolism due to its coincidental name. Brahmastra is a weapon with great power. In Hindu mythology, it is said to bear the ability to destroy entire universes and to vanquish beings from creation. Brahmastra was created by Lord Brahma.

The film Brahmastra opened to mixed reviews, with strong advance bookings worth ₹23 crore. Filmmaker Taran Adarsh gave it a two-star rating, saying that the movie is a disappointment.

If Brahmastra tanks, it could be one of the biggest Bollywood flops and disrupt the Hindi movie industry’s chance at a comeback. South Indian movies have done well nationwide and have brought people back to theaters.

Brahmastra, made for ₹410 crore budget many big names from the Indian film industry, with Karan Johar as one of the producers. With a lot of stars working on the project, it has massive firepower.

People are not excited about this movie. It might even take a loss.

The lifetime of the film will be somewhere between ₹130-200 crore, without considering the earlier reviews. Elara Capital’s media note says that reviews are not a factor in estimating the lifetime of this particular film, so it remains to be seen if these reviews follow through and negatively impact revenue.

Karan Johar, and people in industries like film RRR, might not be able to recreate their magic without a main challenge. If they don’t repeat the same tactics that worked before, they will have to struggle to find success.

When people were watching the movie today, some viewers point out that it was similar to a crime patrol episode mixed with a bad Ekta Kapoor plot.

The movie had a range of issues, including bad storytelling and weak characters.

Not everyone felt disappointing from the movie while some people found Brahmastra to be an entertaining movie.

Women who saw Brahmastra this weekend responded positively to the film, but whether or not it is successful in the long run will depend on what audiences say.

Elara Capital believes that positive word of mouth and audience acceptance can help the film breach the upper end. This seems to have backfired with disappointed viewers spreading the bad word around.

Brahmashirsha astra is a weapon with great power. In Hindu mythology, it is said to bear the ability to destroy entire universes and vanquish beings from creation. The Brahmashirsha astra was created by Lord Brahma.

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