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Holi Outfit Trends: The best holi dress ideas for women to try on this festival

holi festival dress for women

Holi is a festival of love and colors. It is one of the famous festival of Hindus like Diwali. It is celebrated with joy and love all over the India. Holi is celebrated with love, madness, and joy.

As usual clothes are the main things in our Hindus which makes our festival so special. Every festival has different clothes which makes it unique, similarly Holi.

As holi is most famous festival of Hindus – people always confuse (especially for the women) “what to wear on this occasion?” as trends goes change every year. So, here we have come up with some of the best outfit ideas for females, they can try and make this Holi memorable with your family, friends and relative.

White Suit, Salwar, Dupatta

By the way, the full white suit is the best outfit choice for women and it really reflects your look on Holi.

No other dress can compete with it. The best idea is to wear a white Kurti, salwar, dupatta. And, you can also wear a pair of oxidized Jhumki to look more beautiful.

Not even for women only, men can also wear pure white kurta pajamas on Holi. It is also the best option for men.

It is really the fun of playing Holi begins.

White Plain Kurti with Jeans

If you do not want to wear a full white suit, you can wear plain white Kurti with jeans, it enhances your look and helps you enjoy the festival of colors.

This dress provides you with comfortable dressing. Girl should go for it!

Select only cotton clothes

By the way, choosing the best fabric material for Holi is cotton clothes. It is not only important whether it is white or not but only chooses cotton clothes.

Cotton clothes keep you cool while playing and enjoying the festival.

This will help you to remain calm.

You can also choose white Kurti and plazzo to flaunt your look on this day.

White Printed Ethnic Kurti’

White printed cotton ethnic Kurti is also a great idea to wear on this day.

You can choose white printed Kurti, it makes you more beautiful on this colorful festival.

You can also choose Jaipur Kurti, White Ethnic Kurti on this day.

Coral and white ethnic Kurti with pants

By the way, if you want to look hot and sexy then use a vibrant Kurti with straight pants. It is a trendy Holi outfit with tradition and modernity. It will be stylish clothes for Holi.

Ethnic Kurti with Plazo

If you want to wear casual clothes on this day then you can choose to wear Kurti and palazzo. Even Bollywood people are choosing it for Holi.

Kurti and plazzo are evergreen cloth to wear.

You will look more beautiful in it.

The conclusion

You can choose Outfit according to your choice and comfort. Enjoy the day well but be safe in this pandemic as well.

Maintain safety norms to stay protected you and your family on this day. Your life is precious to you and your family so stay safe stay protected.

Do not forget to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

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