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The Most Famous Holi Dishes in India

best holi dishes in India

Holi is a festival of love, color, and dishes It is the best festival ever which is celebrated by Hindus in India. It is believed that the victory of good over evil.

And it is believed that on this day we forget bad things among all the people and embrace together and enjoy the festival.

It is a festival that can be celebrated with lots of fun, colors and enjoyment together.

But no festival in India is celebrated without great food and drink.

Here are some of the best holi dishes in India that you can enjoy at holi:

Gujiya – A Famous Holi Dish

Gujiya is one of the most famous holi dishes in India.

People like to make at their houses while some prefer to buy from the market. But on this day everyone enjoy Gujiya. Everyone love to eat Gujiya at Holi.

Gujiya is easy to make and people like the taste of it.

Chandra Kala

By the way, Chandra Kala is a dessert that is famous in India.

It is made and easily available in India.

The dessert is not taking time, you can easily make it in your homes.

And you will fall in love with it.

The most famous drink on Holi – Thandai

The drink we drink on Holi is Thandai.

People are fond of drinking it at the time of Holi.

It is made from milk, almonds, pistachios, melon seeds, saffron, sugar, cardamons, paper mix.

It is really easy to make and in a very simple step grind all the dry fruits together and then add saffron to the milk and enjoy the chill with your family.

You can also make organic Thandai by very simple steps.

Hara Bhara Kebab

You can also make Hara bhara kebab wrap

Hara Bhara Kebab is a good dish that is liked by all, even it can be made as a roll.

It is easy to make with the help of peppermint mayonnaise, sweet onion chutney, etc.

And it would be such a delicious meal to eat.

No festival can be complete without great food.

Food makes the festival complete

Enjoy the food you have made with your friends and family and enjoy your Holi.

Final Thoughts

These are the most famous holi dishes in India that you should enjoy on holi with your family, relatives and friends. Because holi is a special time to remember those who are close to your hearts. We wish you a happy and colourful holi!

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