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10 Best Markets in Delhi for all types of shopping needs

best markets in Delhi

Delhi is famous for ancient things, places, and monuments. And, its old markets have been operating since ancient times. Delhi has records of the world’s oldest markets. And, the shops are not only old but also the best ones that have maintained their legacy for many decades.

Our article today will cover such places that are not only the best for shopping but also good for their quality. Therefore, in this article, we have covered the best markets in Delhi for your daily needs.


Janpath and Tibetan market is one of the best markets in Delhi which has something for everyone. This market is full of many types of clothes, handicrafts, street food, etc. If you want to buy any item, then do go once. You are going to love to explore this market.

You can get many items from there on a low budget. You can find goods from Tibet and everywhere in India. It is a great place to shop for things. This market has everything for you but if you have bargaining skills then you can get your favorite things in the budget.

This market is adjacent to New Delhi’s Connaught Place. You can come on any day except Sunday as the market is closed on Sundays.

The market is full of handicrafts, hippie clothes, shoes, paintings, brass utensils, Indian artifacts, leather goods, fragrances, and cheap jewelry.


This name says something about Dilli Haat. It is like a traditional weekly village bazaar called Bazar Haat. The small terraced cottages along with the village atmosphere give it a real atmosphere.
The market offers handicrafts, food, and cultural and musical performances from all over India. Chinese goods have started making an appearance at Dilli Haat which is disappointing.

So if you are planning to buy something then you must go once. It is located opposite the INA market in South Delhi. The market is open regularly including national holidays. You can find Indian handicrafts and artifacts. It is one of the best street markets in Delhi.


This is the best bargain shopping place in Delhi, if you have bargaining skills then you must plan to go there. This market is full of many types of clothing and cheap goods.

You can also get bulk items and export them overseas. It is the best place to come and hunt for unique and inexpensive items. So if you are looking for these types of things then you must make a plan to go there.

It is located near Paharganj main market opposite New Delhi railway station. It is open regularly till 9 pm.

If you are planning to buy clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, books, musical instruments, textiles, handicrafts, hookah pipe incense, etc., then you should come and shop there.

This market is perfect in its own way as it has a wide range of options in every category.


We do not have the words to define different types of goods in this market because it contains everything beyond your thinking. In a small budget, you can get anything there. Chandni Chowk is known as the king of all markets. It is one of the most popular markets in Delhi.

This market is full of everything! But still, if you are looking at different things, you can reach there too.

Chandni Chowk is well known for wedding shops where you can find bridal lehengas, sarees and royal gowns, and wedding dresses.

There is a specific street for sari and lehenga known as ‘Naai Sarak’. You can get a wide variety of bridal-sarees and party-wear lehengas there. You can also get books at this place.

Chandani Chowk is known for its street food taste. They sell the yummiest street food in Chandni Chowk, so try your street food whenever you go there.

Chandni Chowk is a wholesale goods market where you will get items only at wholesale prices.

The lanes of Chandni Chowk are divided into markets with different areas of special areas. For example, cloth heads in Katra Nil, Bhagirath place specialized for a wide variety of electronic goods, Dariba Kalan is the antique silver jewelry market in Old Delhi, Kinari Bazaar sells everything you need for weddings including sarees, And Khali Baoli market is Asia’s largest spice. market. Whenever you visit the market, you will like the diversity and beauty of this market.

This market is filled with Chandani as its name says. You will really love this market, you must plan to go!

It also has a wholesale market called Sadar Bazaar where you can find everything like electronic goods, clothes, undergarments, crockery sets, makeup products, etc. but in Sadar Bazaar you will not find a single thing or product. You must buy at least a dozen or one in bulk.

This market is located in Old Delhi. It is open regularly except Sundays. This market is famous for clothes, jewelry, spices, and electronic goods. It is one of the best markets in Delhi for shopping.

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Sarojini Nagar Bazaar is famous for its cheap designer clothes. You can get reputed branded clothes that are rejected from export due to any reason or damage.

Some many shops and stalls sell all kinds of clothes and fashion accessories. New stock always arrives every Tuesday. There is also a sweets market called Babu Bazaar and Vegetable Market. This market is most popular among girls and teenagers colleges.

It is located near Safdarjung Airport in South Delhi. It opens every day except Mondays. You can get designer clothes, Indian clothes, fashion accessories, bags and purses, shoes etc. It is one of the cheapest markets in Delhi.


Khan Bazaar is a small or U-shaped market which is one of the best markets in Delhi. This market was established in 1951. There is little chance of bargaining there. There are branded outlets in this market. It has interesting bookshops. In this market, you can also find excellent tailors. You can find interesting bookshops there too. In this market, there are also khadi and boutique stores. You can find trendy cafes and lounges to relax.

It is not far from India Gate in New Delhi. It opens every day except Sundays. You can present books, music, branded, and tailored, clothing, Ayurvedic food and cosmetics, and home furnishing.

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Shankar Market is famous for cloth material on a per-meter basis. You can get cotton, silk material, etc. It has more than 150 shops and stalls spread over 2 floors. There are all types of handloom textiles from Odisha, Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh including iqat, block print, and weaving.

It is located opposite the Connaught Place M block.

It is open every day except Sundays. Here you can only get the fabric material.


This market attracts rich societies due to its art and antique shops. This is a well-designed market. You can also see some amazing tea shops there. Asia Tea House and Mittal Tea House are these amazing shops.

The market is located near the zoo and the Oberoi Hotel. It opens every day except Sundays.

This market is famous for buying tea, silver jewelry, art, textiles,
Carpets and Antiques.


Lajpat Nagar market is one of the oldest markets in Delhi as well as in India. It provides an interesting glimpse of Indian culture. This market is good for middle class shoppers.

The market has many shops and roadside stalls and many branded showrooms. This market has everything for its shopkeepers like – Indian Kurti, Salwar Kameez, Suits, Skirts, etc.

There are great Mehendi Wala people who actually make beautiful designs on your hands by mehndi. There are many roadside shops of rubber, clips, hairband, artificial jewelry etc.

Some of the best roadside food and drink shops are there, with delicious food such as momos, rasam laddu, Shikanji, golgappa, ice cream, etc.
This market is popular mainly for college going girls as it has very good options under their budget.

You can get many things at a reasonable price.
It is located in South Delhi, near Lajpat Nagar Metro Station.

It opens every day except Mondays. It is famous for Indian clothes, shoes, sandals, bags, luggage, and home furnishings.


Phool Mandi one of the most beautiful markets in Delhi – wholesale and retail flower market. Hundreds of merchants temporarily open shops in the morning and sell flowers from all over India.

Even they sell flowers that are imported from Holland and Asia. It is a photographer’s delight. The peak season is from September to February.

It is located near Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place.

It is open daily from 4 to 9 am. Here you can get different types of flowers.


These days malls have developed everywhere but still, many people prefer local markets. They sell the product at a cheap price. Local shopping is also important to promote our local vendors. The above list of the best markets in Delhi can help you choose a better place according to your choice and preferences.

All these markets in Delhi are selling a variety of goods across the state and over the country.

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