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India replaces Chinese and foreign cloth materials to make military clothing – Make in India

Indian Army cloth materials

India is taking great steps to replace foreign and Chinese cloth materials as previously Chinese goods were used to make military clothes.

DRDO is helping India’s textile industries

Produce yarns that help eliminate dependence on imports in the region.

The Indian Army requires about 55 lakh meters of clothing for summer uniforms and for the Navy, the Air Force requires more than 1.5 lakh meters per year.

Atmanirbhar Bharat

India is following self-reliance in Atmanirbhar Bharat or all products in India with its Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And, defense products are mainly made in India.

If these cloth materials are made for the purpose-making uniforms for the armed forces in India, it will be a big achievement for India.

They are currently working on Atmanirbhar Bharata policy. This will help India in working on Make in India.

For future requirements such as parachutes and bulletproof jackets, advanced fabrics will be used.

Advanced textiles such as glass fabric, carbon fabric, army fabric, and defense sectors.
Manufacturers from Surat and Ahmedabad are manufacturing advanced textiles that can be used in defense sectors.

They are working to make garments for rocket motors and to create the overall structure for missile systems.

Working on advanced technical textile to produce cloth materials

Director of Directorate of Industry Interface and Technology management (DIITM) at DRDO, Dr Mayank Dwivedi said that they will use fabrics like nylon 6,6yarn, lycra fiber, viscose polyester.

The major requirement for army forces uniforms, accessories such as bags, shoes, tents, etc.

The use of advanced textiles is very good for this as the capabilities of the Indian Army will increase after using polyester/nylon 6.6/cotton/rayon yarn.

More than 200 companies are interested in joining their business

Indian companies taking participates

More than 200 companies want to participate in this business.

Some of its names are – Bindal Silk Private Limited, Laxmipati Group, and other companies also want to participate.

This will help boost the Indian economy and it will generate a lot of employment and will help to increase its GDP too. It is very good decision for our country and it is development.

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