According to the Global Survey, India is the most corrupt country in Asia

India has the largest number of people using their personnel connections to obtain public service. The main areas are police, courts, medical facilities, and obtaining identity documents from government departments or offices.

India most corrupt country in Asia
The main areas of corruptions are Police, Court, Medical Facilities, collages and obtaining documents from legal departments.

India is a country of culture, tradition, and morality. But apart from this, India is also a country which has the highest corruption rate in Asia.

India is appearing as the country with the highest rate of corruption such as corruption-bribery. According to the Global Survey, anti-corruption global civil society organisation Transparency International (TI) that India has a 39% bribery rate in an Asian country.

India has the largest number of people using their personnel connections to obtain public service.

India has the highest bribery rate among Asian countries, with a 39% bribery rate and 46% of overall corruption.

India at No.1 in the corruption rate

Corruption is not limited only to India, it is also spreading to other countries.
Indonesia ranks second in the list of 36% corruption rate of the most corrupt country Asia.

After India and Indonesia, there are other countries on the list of most corrupt countries in the world.

China ranks third in the list of the world’s most corrupt countries. According to the survey report, China as the most corrupt country has a corruption rate of 32%.

An estimated bribe was paid to 50% of the people in India. About 32% of people use their personal connections for bribes and said that they cannot get service without it.

Less corrupt countries in Asia

Here are some countries which are less corrupt such that the rate of chanting is 4% only when we talk about corruption.

Japan – Japan is a very developed and developed country with a very low rate of corruption here.

Cambodia – Cambodia is also a less corrupt country, with Cambodia’s corruption rate of only 6%.

India is most corrupt country

According to Data Police, India has the highest rate of bribery. The rate of police bribery in India is 23%.

Public services are most likely to solicit and receive bribes. The court also has high personnel connections. According to statistics, the police bribe rate to the police is 42%. About 42% used their money to obtain their documents. About 38% of people paid bribes for court-related issues.

Corrupted areas in India

There are main areas which are most corrupt such as police, courts, medical facilities, collages and obtaining identity documents from legal departments or government offices.

Prime Minister Modi promised to corruption-free country but when we see the global data of corruption India ranks at number one, and it seems impossible to make it corruption free. Indian government needs to take some important steps to make the India corruption free.

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