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The supreme court ordered to place CCTV cameras into investigation offices

CCTV cameras in investigation room

The Supreme Court has ordered the installation of CCTV cameras in all police stations.

According to the Supreme Court, investigative agencies like CBI, National Investigation Agency will have to install CCTV cameras with night vision and audio recordings.

Their purpose is to prevent excess torture in custody. They ordered each of the states to install CCTV cameras in their police stations.

CCTV cameras will provide more security to prisoners

The CCTV camera will cover the interrogation room, lockup, entries, and exit as per the Supreme Court. CCTV will have to be installed at these places to catch the accused in police stations in the same manner.

Even the Supreme Court ordered the installation of CCTVs at entry and exit points outside the police station, lockups, corridor lobbies, reception area, and even outside the inspector’s and sub-inspectors rooms, reception area, and washroom area.

The Supreme Court also said that CCTV should be equipped with night vision and audio facilities and may be capable of recording footage. The Supreme Court also said that no part should be opened without CCTV.

The step has taken to protect from custodial torture.

The move has been taken against the custodial torture that nothing can be done wrongly with any prisoner. SC also stated that the data must be stored for at least 1 year. CCTV should be first in these places.

CCTV should be installed in other offices like CCTV and recording equipment like CBI, NIA, NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU, REVENUE INTELLIGENCE, Department of SFIO, and other departments.

The Supreme Court said that there should be an inquiry in his office, there should be a CCTV camera, where the accused sit in the same way as in a police station. This step has been taken to remove the custodial torture. There should be no human violation.

If there is a serious injury, death in custody, that person is free to complain against these people. The victim has the right to remain safe in prison.

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