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The confusing FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022

FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022

The confusing FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 displayed a variety of spring/summer and fall/winter collections. 

The variety ranged from premium pret to couture and ready-to-wear collection. 

While the sales volumes and revenue remain unknown, the season remained confusing as designers displayed primordial collections.

However, the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 was India’s first big physical fashion event since the pandemic. 

Why did the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 leave everyone puzzled?

As Divyam Mehta displayed his fall/winter collection 2022, he explained the problem, saying, “as an industry, we need to be more streamlined about seasons and categories.”

Rasika Wakalkar says, “The glory days of the fashion week of a decade ago seem to be over.”

She further added, “there was no consistency in terms of seasonality.”

“Of course, one must take into account that India has a stronger wedding season in fall/winter than the typical fashion seasons, in which case it may be redundant to visit the week at all in spring/summer if this persists.”

“It may make sense to directly be in touch with designers that we have been working with over the years or focus on the Couture Week.”

Creative designer at Aza, Aparna Badlani, said, “We also live in very confusing times.”

“People have pushed their weddings and celebrations to an extent where no one wants to wait any longer…. No one is willing to wait for a few months.”

“I am guessing a lot of the designers have showcased keeping these factors in mind. There is no wedding season anymore as weddings are happening all through the year.”

“People are traveling at any opportunity they get. So designs and collections have become trans-seasonal.”

“There was also less time for designers to plan their collections for a showcase, so the confusion, for this season in particular, is justified.”

However, Aparna seeming disappointed to see old collections, said, “it’s such a pity. Coming back after two years to a physical format should have propelled designers to at least have a few completely new segments, if not an entire collection.” 

Why did the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 display an old collection?

The event’s main organizer Jaspreet Chandok, head of lifestyle businesses at RISE Fashion and Lifestyle, defended the show saying, 

“The fact that the industry has been able to come together and put together an event at this scale, and designers have been able to create full collections, is something to be celebrated.”

FDCI chairman Sunil Sethi added, “we had several international buyers coming in from Singapore, the US, London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Senegal.”

“Some designers were extremely happy with the business and others mentioned it’s picking up.”


As the world resumes normality, the fashion industry is stepping up. 

With supply chain disruptions and the ongoing pandemic, pulling off a large-scale fashion event is a massive success. 

However, fashion enthusiast seems disappointed with the confusing FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022. 

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