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10 Most Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day Celebration for Couples in Delhi NCR

restaurant for Valentine's day Celebration

Valentine’s day is the most special day for couples as they waited for a long time. Couples like to celebrate in their own way to make it more perfect.

But still, it is confusing where to go or how to celebrate it. Couples often confuse which restaurant is the best to go to dinner to make your Valentine’s date memorable.

Don’t worry, Here we have come up with a list of the best restaurants to visit near Delhi NCR this Valentine’s Day. If you are living near Delhi NCR then these restaurants are best options to celebrate your Valentine’s day with your loved ones.

1. OTB COURTYARD (Out of the Box Courtyard)

The out-of-the-box OTB courtyard is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. You can express your love in this beautiful place. It has a beautiful rooftop cafe in Khan Market, Delhi.

Well, this place never disappoints its millions of guests.

It is the most prominent place for young couples to celebrate this special day.

This place has a beautiful open seating area with springs and windmills.

This place is somewhat different from other places.

For this special Valentine’s Day, they get a special menu that will be filled with love and taste and with the beautiful decorations of the place.

Heart balloons, flowers make it more adorable and romantic. There are even artists performing live.

The location belongs to Box, Connaught Place, and Khan Market.

Time – 12.00 am -12.45 pm.

Price –  1500 rupees for couples.


It is the second most popular place where you can celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day on AIR.

This location will be helpful defensively to make your day memorable. He got the entire terrace to sit and spend the nights. You can enjoy wine here with your partner. The palace has live music, mouth-watering dishes.

Planning for this place makes your Valentine’s Day special.

You can even reserve your seats first.

Address: An Ivory Region, 1/83, 3rd floor, Punjabi Bagh.

Time: 12 noon – 12.30 am.

Price: Rs. 2000 for couple

3. TAKE OFF Scarlet place to go on Valentine’s Day

If you are planning for the best valentine’s date then Take OFF Scarlet is the best place to visit.

It is the third most popular place in Delhi NCR for Valentine’s day celebration.

The place has been remodeled the interiors will set your mood. You can enjoy and have fun with your partner. They offer delicious food, drinks and best dishes for couples that you will like.

There is a separate rooftop area where you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day in an open and peaceful place.

Address: Scarlet 13-C, North Avenue, Punjabi Bagh.

Time: 12 pm – 12.30 am.

The charges for per couple is Rs.2000

4. Mealodrama Modern Bistro

Since this place is very popular with its name, the place is a modern bistro with beautiful décor and international veneer.

This restaurant gives dramatic overtones to your dining experience.

This place is perfect for going for a peaceful evening of romance and love with your partner.

They also offers you innovative prizes that give your taste and their presentation will delight your mind.

So if you are planning for a special date on Valentine’s Day, then you can plan to go here.

Address: Mealodrama Modern Bistro – A / 6 , 2ndFloor, Vihl Enclave, Rajouri Garden.

Timing – 12.12 pm to noon.

Price: Rs 1200 for couple.

5. Noon Mirch  for Valentine’s day

It is a newly opened terrace restaurant which has beautiful sight and is decorated with fairy lights.

This is an ideal place to make your valentine’s day special. Noon Mirch offers you the best Indian cuisine like other restaurants.

For this special day, they decorate their area with stylish decorations and special menus for Valentine’s Day. So if you are looking for a memorable date then you can plan to go here with your partner.

It is an ideal place for a romantic date under the open sky.

Address: Noon Mirch, 3rd Floor, D Mall, Indira Puram, Ghaziabad

Time: 12 noon to 12 noon.

Price: Rs. 2000 for per couple.

6. Infinity Lounge, Bar, and Dine

Infinity Bar and Lounge offers you a much variety of foods, drinks, alcohol, etc.

By the way, if you and your partners are drink lovers like cocktails, mocktails, etc. then you can go for Infinity Bar.

This makes your valentine’s plan special.

The place is serving delicious cocktails.

The place has a unique roofing concept with a stunning interior.

This restaurant offers many special dishes for couples such as keema pav, Dahi ke Sholay, crumbled fried rice, etc.

It is a perfect place for dinner, not only for dinner but for everything especially for Valentine’s specials.

Address: Infinity Bar, Lounge & Dining 11C, 2nd Floor, North West Avenue, Punjabi Bagh

Time: From 12 noon to 1 am.

Price: Rs 2000 for couple.

7. Raftaar Lounge & Bar

It is a multi story luxurious lounge where each story has a few different options for each guest.

The advertisement has various options and menus. The place offers something great for its guests. The place is different from other places, such as it offers sophisticated car lounges, a rustic bikers place, a private pool terrace and many other things.

This is a wonderful place to go for a special date for Valentine’s Day. Definitely, this is the place which can makes your Valentine’s Day so special.

It also one of the largest lounge in the entire Delhi NCR. It has the longest bar with a pool and restaurant on the terrace.

A place that has a dance floor and a great variety of food. The place provided you with a luxurious atmosphere for your loved ones. Even the place helps make your date special.

Address: Raftaar Lounge & Bar, 15-C Club Road, Punjabi Bagh.

Time: 12.00 pm -12.30 am.

Price for the couple: Rs 1700.

8. Verandah for Valentine’s Day celebration

The verandah is the best place for the party. If you love to go for party then this is the best place for you and your partner. You can also dance with your partner.

It is a place of worthy wealth. The place offers you drinks, cocktails, mocktails, food, and more. You can enjoy your date with its delicious food.

This place offers you something different from others for Valentine’s Day. Even they provide special menus for special dates.

Address: Verandah, 2/85, 3rd floor Punjabi West

Time: From 12 noon to 1 am.

Price for the couple: Rs 2500 for both.

9. Cafe Tesu to go on Valentine’s day

Cafe Tesu is the perfect place for Valentine’s date. This is what really makes your date so special. You should plan your date here.

The place is an artistically rich restaurant which provides you with splendid cuisine, white and sky blue interior.

They offer you exclusively Mediterranean food, artisan food, coffee, and zest.

This place offers you a great meal experience with your loved ones. They have a wide variety of foods, waffles, eggs, pancakes, and more. The taste of the food is truly amazing which will make you fan of this restaurant.

Address: Cafe Tesu, Unusual Farm, Aurobindo Marg.

Time: 8 am – 11 pm.

Price for couples: Rs 1400

10. Nukkad Cafe & Bar

The Nukkad Café and Bar offers you luxurious and beautiful outdoor seating, as well as a fantastic indoor living room.

The place is a new and renovated interior and decoration – a mural with Shaktiman, Apna Samta Aega, painted on a white brick wall.

Even the place is beautifully decorated with exterior trucks that serve as tables and much more. This place is great for Valentine’s date.

They offered you and your partner a perfect date for your sweetheart. You will be offered amazing food and drinks which will make your valentine’s so special.

You should plan your date here once as this restaurant will surprise your mood and your partner.

Address: Nukkad Cafe & Bar, C-23/24, SDA market

Time: 11.30 am – 12.30 am

Price for the couple: 1200 for both

The conclusion

By the way, all these are the top restaurants of Delhi and NCR that will surprise your mood and happiness and makes your mood so special and romantic.

Each place offers you some new and luxurious things, interior, food, drinks and more.
You plan to go and celebrate this Valentine’s with your loved ones. We are sure this will help you choose something better.

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