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Drinking Coca-Cola from Paper Bottle can be real!

Coca-cola paper bottle

A move by the Coca-Cola company to protect against plastic waste and its harmful effects, so they soon decided to ban the plastic bottle. As everyone is aware of plastic pollution around the world and it is the biggest threat to the earth.

About 10 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans! It is really shocking but it is a reality, therefore, everyone should be ready for a world without plastic waste.

Coca-cola manufactures paper bottle

The Coca-Cola Company is working on making paper bottles that can be recycled. Their purpose is to make paper bottles that can be easily recycled. A paper bottle is also an open option for packaging for many industries. If the foodstuff company starts adopting it, then surely plastic waste will be reduced.

Prototyping is the first step to achieve this. It also creates many opportunities for different industries for packaging. They are still working on the project.

Company launches a paper bottle for the first time

The prototype is made of paper shells with a plastic closure and plastic liner that can actually be completely recycled. The company is also planning to make a bottle that does not have a plastic liner.

Plastic waste is the cause of death of millions of animals every year such as birds, fish, other marine animals, and others. Even endangered animals are affected by plastic waste.

The company is working on future protection against plastics. Well, how will consumers react to the concept of this paper bottle, and when it can be sold in the markets, the company will decide soon. I believe consumer will also love paper bottle.

The company is really taking an innovative approach against plastic waste every company should adopt it and help us make our environment plastic free.

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