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The Feminisation of Alcohol Marketing – the liquor industry targets women for selling alcohol

feminisation of alcohol marketing

Well everyone knows very well that these are the gender signs – Pink for Girl and Blue for Boy begins as we’re born and continue throughout life. So marketers use gender stereotypes and tropes to convince us to buy their products. A study in New York shows that women are willing to pay up to 13% more for items ranging from personal care to health products.

There are many women buyers in the wine industry. The Alcohol Industry Chick Beer comes with a low-calorie pink packing that is specially made for women.

The pastel cocktail dazzled Instagram with the mummy’s time name to seduce women drinkers who target hungry mums for happy hours.

Even the offerings are cashing in on t-shirts with slogans like liquor time in stores.
More women are at increased levels of unhealthy as well as female binge drinking and alcohol-related deaths.

How did the makers target women?

Women demand friendship, relaxation, and empowerment. These companies are using empowerment because as a market segment women have the right products, the right wine, anything they can achieve.

Liquor companies exploit the fact that women want to maintain their identity as they go through various life challenges and changes. Women in their 30s and 40s found that many people look beyond responsibilities to show their identity as drinking, which is associated with life among women.

There is also the pressure of career and childcare to force women to drink to rest.
Virginia’s famous cigarette campaign attempted to accelerate the work of women at the time, which tried to attract female consumers identified by the movement.

New alcohol products targeting female consumers ranging from fruit flavors to low-calorie beverages. The message of empowerment has increased like a celebration of women, such as Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.

For a penny selling 1000 bottles of wine to women in the state of Washington.
Liquor brand Bacardi used the global holiday, which celebrates sexual rights, to promote the new alcohol line of wine with peach, lemon, and cucumber flavors, which gave a perfect bill for Spa Day.

There are many sectors where women have targeted fitness centers and financial services.
Women are now drinking alcohol at almost the same rate as their male friends.

Alcohol advertising causes drinking!

The government can prohibit the advertisement of alcohol, so it can better control the wrong type of message that young girls can reach. It can fix some of the damaged that feminized marketing can do both online and offline, and even in the media so that it promotes an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Even in the last year, there was a move called “Drink Pink My Drink”.

These alcohol advertisements and their products tap into happiness, freedom, empowerment, requiring real change, not an overrated bottle. We have to understand that empowerment is not what is truly empowering.

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