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Top 10 Food Bloggers in India You Must Follow on Instagram

Top Food Bloggers in India

Food is an essential and basic need for everyone. Now people are very fond of getting to know about food varieties and indulge themselves in cooking as well as to explore various cuisines across the country. In the current digital culture and advancements in social media platforms, the number of food bloggers has increased manifold. They record, document, and review food items and varieties of cuisines to their target audience. Their blogging becomes a tool of both marketing as well as making their audience informed about various types of food in and around them. Thus it has become a profession and many food bloggers are doing this as their hobby. Among the ample number of food bloggers across the world, here we have enlisted the top 10 food bloggers in India. 

1. Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu is a renowned Chef and food blogger from Kolkata. Though her academic profiles were in business studies and journalism, she blended her academic knowledge into exploring food, recipes, and cuisines. She is a food entrepreneur and an author of two cookbooks; Miss Masala: Real Indian cooking for busy living (2010), and Masala: Indian cooking for modern living (2018).  She never discerned herself of becoming a celebrated Chef and a food writer worldwide until her master’s degree studies in Journalism. Now she owns and runs an acclaimed food blog by her name itself. Her recipes are an admixture of international and national cuisines of both veg and non-veg dishes as well as it also focuses on simple Indian recipes cooked out of Indian spices.


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2. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is one of the earliest food bloggers in India, a YouTuber and chef. She is one of the most celebrated chefs, as well as her food blogging, has been recognized among people since 2011. At the age of 52, she started her YouTube channel in 2011. She mostly cooks Indian vegetarian foods which seem to be dedicated recipes for working-class peoples. She tries to pull off recipes without onion and garlic.  Her food blogging covers different categories of recipes like variety rice, rotis, curries, chutneys, pickles, bakings, sweets, snacks, and regional varieties. She garnered many audiences and thus she was recognised as the face of YouTube’s #seesomethingnew drive in 2016 as well as in the same year, she was titled “India’s top 10 YouTube superstars” by Economic Times.


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3. Monica 

Monica is a pop-up restaurant hotelier and the founder of ‘The Spice Club’, an Indian cookery school and she has been teaching  Indian cookery for the last 10 years. The cookery school was started by her impassioned love for cooking and to expose authentic Indian recipes worldwide. She began her cooking when she was pursuing her studies in America, which gradually made her into a professional cook. Recently, she started an online Indian cookery school named ‘Shikshak’ amidst the outburst of COVID-19. The classes were coordinated by Monica and ‘The Spice Club’ and were conducted online via Facebook live to the audience who are fond of Indian Cookery. She owns a food blog named Monica’s Spice Diary focused on the finest Indian home-made recipes.


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4. Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer is one of the trailblazers in the milieu of Indian food blogging and food bloggers in India. She began her blog ‘Saffron Trail’ in 2006 and it is widely accepted among the health-conscious audience. Her food blogs focused on vegetarian food recipes with an admixture of health and taste. She left her job and started full-time blogging considering her ardent love and passion for cooking. She authored two cookbooks namely ‘The everyday healthy vegetarian’ and recently penned ‘everyday superfoods’.


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5. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi commenced her food blogging in 2007 through her blog ‘Archana’s Kitchen’, a finest blogging among the food bloggers in India. It garnered foodies across the country and her website became one of the most celebrated cooking websites in the world. She particularly focused on the homely recipes which were easy, simple and tasty to all food lovers. Apart from recipes, different meal plans, diet plans, lunch and dinner menus she takes live online cookery classes as well. She also tries to make cooking easier, simpler, healthier, and an enjoyable task for all the cooks across the countries.


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6. Padhu Sankar

Apart from being a chef, Padhu Sankar is a multi-talented personality as a photographer, web designer, and recipe developer. She mostly deals with Indian vegetarian dishes and kid-friendly recipes. She also focuses on South Indian vegetarian dishes and a variety of rice recipes. Her food blogging dishes also cover traditional food items which are followed after generations practised earlier which are not commonly cooked in the current days. Furtherly, she adds step-by-step processes involved in the whole cooking process.


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7. Sharmilee Jayaprakash

Sharmilee is a south Indian food blogger who has the potential to make you love her recipes through her blogging and mouth-watering pictures. She began her blog ‘Sharmi’s Passion’ in 2009, a most celebrated blog among the other food bloggers in India. From an IT manager, she quit her job and started following her passion for cooking and gradually she made cooking her career. Initially, she learned recipes from her mother, cookbooks, and friends. She is a very diligent and dedicated cook in South Indian recipes and now she started exploring various other cuisines. She also covers baby foods, various festival dishes, and recipes, drinks, shakes, etc.


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8. Richa Hingle

Richa is a blogger, photographer and award-winning Indian recipe developer. Through her food blogging site name ‘Vegan Richa’ she started showing cooking as an easy task as well as she made instructions very simple and easy to follow by adding photographs of every step-by-step process involved in cooking a recipe. She specialized in Vegan recipes of India and other cuisines. She authored two cookbooks; ‘Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen’ consisted of Indian Vegan recipes and she recently penned a cookbook named ‘Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen.


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9. Sailaja

Sailaja is a photographer and an ardent food bloggers in India. She specifically focused on Andhra and other South Indian recipes. Her blog ‘Sailu’s Food’ consisted of different Indian food recipes for all tastes. She also pull-off North Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes in her cooking. Her blog has a dedicated section for festival dishes and recipes which are more traditional and authentic recipes followed from generations after generation.


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10. Deeba Rajpal

Deepa Rajpal is a traveller, Indian food stylist, baker and passionate food photographer. According to Deeba, baking is her cup of tea. Her blog ‘Passionate About Baking’ covers  food styling, food photography, making food props, developing desserts recipes out of fruits. The blog also includes baking bread and cakes which are made out of oats grains and the food photography in the blog is amazing and it urges a foodie to explore her recipe. She is an avid food stylist in doing rustic styles of Indian, Western, and Minimalist creations among the other food bloggers in India.


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