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16 Types and flavours of cakes you can order to make each occasion worth celebrating

Types and flavours of cakes online

The limitation of offline buying had made us stuck with very few flavours of cakes to try and not a single exotic design to choose. It’s the current generation, gen z that has outshined this traditional buying system and decided to go online for the most minimalistic needs.

Amongst those comes the new era of buying food and cakes online. While the food industry started its way early and gained the due popularity it deserved, the cake industry has not left any stones unturned to match its consumers’ needs. Now that you can have cakes online, today we have planned to introduce such flavours of cakes that won’t let you regret your choice.

Different types of flavours of cakes:

We will first tell you of the various types and flavours of cakes we have before telling you to order cakes online, the best option for online cake delivery. Let’s get started.

1. Kitkat Flavours of Cakes

The kit kat cake is exactly like it sounds. It’s far more different than the usual vanilla and makes its permanent place in your heart after just one try.

2. Black Forest Cake

Black forest is a flavour of cake you have had before, try ordering from FlowerAura, and you will be happy with the taste and quality, better than ever.

3. Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch cakes are not easy to make; they require expertise and knowledge, lucky for us, we bake it very well and add it to your cart.

4. Chocolate Flavours of Cakes

Chocolate cakes are also very popular or should we say the most sold category of cake flavours. What makes our cakes the best is the different toppings we add to it, to make it exciting.

5. Fruit Flavours of Cakes

Fruit cakes are a healthy choice for anyone who likes to have cakes but doesn’t go over the edge and have a lot of calories. Fresh fruits and complementing flavours are used together.

6. Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake is a very usual but evergreen one. It is delicious and available with various chocolate, cherry and pineapple toppings.

7. Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet is the new addition to people’s lists of cakes, but it is the best one to try, especially if you constrain from trying it due to its newness.

8. Coffee Flavours of Cakes

Coffee cakes are the best ones, and we must force you into trying at least once before you make your final decision. Coffee lovers need no convincing and others to need just a nudge before they fall in love with this one.

9. Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are ones that have your images on top. They give a personalised look and a feeling of love too.

10. Heart-shaped Cakes

They are baked mainly for weddings and anniversaries. They are heart-shaped and either made in red velvet or with coloured cream.

11. Eggless Flavours of Cakes

Eggless cakes are becoming very popular lately with people choosing to do vegan with their diet. You should try one too.

12. Designer Cakes

Designer cakes include swirls, special toppings and other elements that make basic cakes shine out of the crowd. They are customised as per your need.

13. Cartoon Cakes

Cartoon cakes are for kids birthdays and include minions, spiderman, superman, power puff girls, Tom and Jerry, Doraemon and all others you can think of.

14. Lopsided Cakes

Lopsided cakes are ones that are intentionally made in different shapes, including semi-circles, tilted cakes etc.

15. Fondant Cakes

Fondant cakes max out the level of differentiation and excitement. They outshine any other cake type. They present your idea in a very real 3d shape.

16. Multi-tiered Cakes

Multi-tiered cakes are also a popular choice for birthdays and anniversaries. They are chosen when the party is extremely lavish, or a big crowd of people has been invited.

Final Verdicts

Many different types and flavours of cakes available online we can choose from that we cannot find offline. We aim to spill love and excitement with all our efforts that go into making a cake. And that cake in turns spreads happiness in your celebrations.

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