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Why Indians can’t stop ordering this dish?

India's most popular food Masala Dosa

South Indian food has been eaten for thousands of years. But now for a day, it is the most famous fast food in India. Masala Dosa is the most popular food for Indians. It is the most popular food in India.

It is made from rice and urad dal, it is a mixture of urad dal and rice and they combine together to form a solution. It is a thin pancake of India. Masala is a 2000-year-old dish liked by many Indians. But now it is found in almost every part of India. Masala dosa is also called little Jaffna in Paris.

Why it is so healthy? 

The dosa is served with sambar and coconut chutney. It is a crisp, delicious meal. It is the most popular and satisfying vegetarian food. Masala Dosa is loaded with spicy potato, which is now popular globally. Khair masala dosa is a South Indian food that originated from South India. Even it is not harmful to our body. It is consumed mostly in India but now there is a day all over the world. It is the most popular food in South India. The dosa is a more fluffy and fluffy crepe. Indians eat dosa for decades.

Chennai-based restaurant in 2003 taking Saravana Bhavan to the next level, he started restaurants in various countries, such as – Dubai, and continued to grow worldwide.

Why is it so popular in India?

Dosa is the most popular in India which comes under healthy food. It is also considered a superfood due to the presence of probiotic properties in it. It is actually an easy process to make and is even healthy. It is made by soaking an exact amount of rice and urad dal together. Later it is mixed and a batter is formed, then after adding some less salt to it, it is kept in the fermentation process for a few hours. Then add some ghee and add the batter and make a crisp and healthy dosa.

masala dosaIt is a very nutritious food. We can even make the same batter idli. There are more than 70 varieties of dosas in the world. We can eat a day, night, afternoon anytime. Dosa is loved by any Indian in his breakfast time. It is becoming more popular day by day. Dosa outlets are found everywhere in India. Dosa is also found to be full and un-filled. Even McDonald’s offers mcdosa burgers in 2019.

Why is it also called sacred food?

Even Masala Dosa is a sacred food in South India and is offered as a Prasad to the Lord. Dosa is offered to the Lord in many temples. Dosa is an Indian cuisine for a long time.
It is more a feeling for them than a meal for this dosa lover.

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