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Your diet can be the reason of climate change, think before ordering it!

Effect of climate change on your food

As the number of people on the earth is increasing, the effect of food on the climate change is increasing.

Well, there is a population demand for non environmentally friendly food like meat!

That’s the reason we should only eat seasonal vegetables but today ongoing demand has changed the climate completely. Check this report…

Food production is responsible for climate change

Well, the production of food is actually effective and responsible for climate change, it is because the growing or production of non seasonal foods.

Non-environmentally friendly food makes an impact on climate.

Even food production companies are responsible for climate change emissions. As they are working opposite to the nature just because of on going people demand.

The climate is constantly changing

As climate change increases, food for the growing population will decrease.

Even climate is Changing due to an increase in weather like drought, flood, storm, etc.

And all these effects actually reduce the size of crops and affect food.

Weather events are increasing rapidly in large areas and this is really worrisome for humans!

Even climate change is having an impact on food.

We certainly face food shortages in the future due to climate change. Even people are not aware of the change in food due to climate change.

Some people like to eat microwaves but do you know that it also has an effect on climate!

Even eating steak is 20 times worse than commonly cooked food.

Non-seasonal fruits and vegetables also affect climate

By the way, seasonal vegetables are also good for our health and climate because it does not require any extra care or energy to grow vegetables or fruits.

As seasonal food is easily grown in the area and easily reaches the surrounding areas.

But for climatic conditions suitable for growing vegetables and fruits, non-seasonal fruits and vegetables take extra energy from the planet.

And not only the artificial weather created to grow but also the transportation needed for your favorite fruits and vegetables from far away places and this is impacting climate change.

All these factors influence climate for food production.

Even the transportation of the food is also responsible for the impact on climate change whether it is transported by boat, air, or road.

Plastic-packaging for food stuffs

Well, our planet is already alive with tons of plastic because it cannot perish. Our planet is highly affected and there is no solution to the settlement.

The issue of climate change is a really big issue.

Everything comes in a plastic packet whether it is milk or food.

Therefore, the disposal of plastics is also having an impact on the Earth and climate change.

It is not enough to simply change the way you eat

On an average every citizen release about 6 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the air every day. According to the BBC report, An 80z steak produce an average 10kg CO2 every day in Europe.

If you are thinking to eat in a different way in the future, perhaps is not enough. We need to take more steps to stop this problem from arising in the future. Check this report:

Some countries mandate food climate labeling

Like some countries, hovering declared food labeling and issued dietary guidelines to address climate impacts.

Well, it is recommended to eat more plants and less meat.

Even cooking food in the microwave has twice the effect on climate change.

Food wastes are also responsible

By the way, we should never waste food. According to BBC report, About 1/3 of the food is wasted or lost every day.

And most of the food is from home.

By reducing food waste from our home we can help reduce or avoid climate change. If we waste less methane less food at landfill sites.

We can even do some methods for less food wastage such as meal planning, freezing food, skipping meals, and making our food quantity-wise.

Even 90% of the climate impact comes from the beef consumed.

The world should know a lot about it

By the way, every person should know more about how climate change is affecting our food!

If everyone is starting to do this, is it really helpful to reduce climate change or be prepared to face the worst in the future!

Well, try to include climate-friendly food in your diet like food, lentils, vegetables instead of meat, beef, etc.

The conclusion

Our articles seek to provide information about climate change and environmental awareness, environmental degradation, growing population.

It is our responsibility to protect our mother earth from problems, protect it and save it.

It is up to us how we save or destroy our planet.

Think before it will be too late!

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