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Why We Are Obsessed With Cozy Living?

comfortable living style

People voluntarily want to spend more time at their home and their demands for a soft, squishy couch, and comfortable living are increasing.

They also think about their comfort while decorating the house because comfort is more important than decoration.

Some casual and comfortable decors include – cushions, string lights, candles, etc.

Since the lockdown period, people spend all their time at their homes which made them obsessed of cozy living.

Most people decided to make their own version of their homes

Some people were building a lot of things with their houses.

They don’t spend much time before that, but in the lockdown period, they spend all their time in their homes only.

Some even partitioned their homes — a small bedroom and office wall partition.

Even people have decorated their place with dried flowers so that flowers can be arranged artificially.

People like to decorate their houses with beautiful paintings.

Comfortable rooms demand have increased after lockdown

As such, the interest of people making comfortable rooms has increased.

Even people appreciated more for a comfortable life and a feeling of comfort.

There has also been a growing global interest in casual things such as fluffy slippers, shimmer lights, and indoor forests.

According to the trend forecasting agency WGSN, interior products for a comfortable living have been increased by about 46% in the united state compared to 11% in the year 2020 in the United States.

Interest declared cocooning one of the top trends for Year 2021.

This is a search for up to 100% casual beauty outfits since last year.

The fascination with cosmicism has gone global to make the leap from home decor and beyond.

Well, a growing concept with increasing popularity and one of generational nationality and internet habits.

People are more likable to buy a pair of pajamas.

There is an idea of ​​having a place in comfortable homes where we can feel completely comfortable and where there is a place of ease.

Hygge lifestyle

Hygge is a myriad of books and explained in one article that it is a way of cohabiting and appreciating simple pleasure together.

Even hygge quickly became gold marketing used to sell everything from ceramic cookware to party games.

It is a great idea to be in a space where you can feel completely comfortable and where there is a feeling of ease.

A comfortable life is an aspirational lifestyle in favor of real comfort.

Even Lockdown Gen-Z grew into trends related to casual living such as cottagecore and lavish millennium styles, embracing a romantic ideal of the simpler era.

When you feel loved and cared for, say comfortable words from time to time.

Relation to nature

There are various reasons why people are attracted to aesthetic markers of cosmetics.

Like – you are working in your home and you look outside a tree. It is a simple view of a natural thing that intensifies your concentration to focus more on time to remove stress.

It also has physiological effects on blood pressure and the circulation of stress hormones. The biophilic effect comes from going out and spending time in the natural world such as candles, wood, wool knitted blankets.

Even people are giving more preference to places that are smaller and more cave like that is more open on brighter, more open views.

Enclosed spaces provide greater security and refuge while the expansive vista allows you to see any threats or opportunities that come your way.

Pandemic accelerates the concept of a comfortable life

The epidemic has increased obsession with comforting things — pointing outward.

Creating a comfortable space was a valuable objective.

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