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A study reveals that women suffer more from depression, anxiety during coronavirus isolation

women suffer more with anxiety and depression

According to IANS reports, women suffer more from anxiety, depression during coronavirus isolation. Even women suffer more than men with less sleep, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Sex diaphragms during different months due to the coronavirus also play a role in psychological and behavioral responses to the Amy epidemic. Women are really upset during the period of isolation.

The Study Reveals 

According to the researchers, sex differences need to be considered in the planning of targeted psychological interventions. According to research school and business, people live close in their homes as much as they can live due to epidemics – the situation creates more problem for women, they suffer more with depression, anxiety during coronavirus.

Women suffer from Depression and Anxiety

Studies show that over 66% of women suffer with poor sleep, more than 39% showed signs of insomnia, anxiety, stress.

Symptoms are Worsening-Women suffer

According to the study, women are reporting more anxiety and depression. Their symptoms worsen over time of isolation. Overtime for women it was also a progressive increase in anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality, and trauma for women.

Gender Roles

Women have the ability to understand feelings for others, the ability to take care of others. Women always differ in gender roles and norms. Women always care for their family and relations, there is always a higher level of emotion for their family.

But in the period of isolation, they suffer a lot. Their children at home, their husbands stay at home and do household chores. But all this stress-work works only on women because they always work from home and do not work from home.

They are the backbone of the house, we should help them, understand their problems.
Researchers examined data on 533 participants, 112 men, and 459 women, with an average age of 26% in Canada.

It is too difficult to manage everything together like a family, work everything it is really difficult to manage that can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, less sleep to women.

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