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Women are happier without children or husbands, says happiness expert

Married women happy life

Women can be happier alone. Yes this is true. Even studies show that unmarried women are better than separated, widowed and divorced women. This is because married women have more reasons to live stressful, unhappy, and discontented lives, the first and most likely reason not being a loyal or caring husband.

A woman has to bear a greater responsibility after marriage than men, who have to do a lot of household chores, responsibility for their children as well as their husbands.

According to one study, a woman has less time to take care of herself after marriage, most of her time is spent for others. A survey by happiness experts found that unmarried women after the age of 40 are more blessed than married women who have everything – children or husbands. Because they do not have mental pressure for their work and responsibilities.

Misery Level of Married women

According to the survey, married women are miserable at higher levels in their lives.
After their marriage, they remain mostly unhappy and dissatisfy. London’s happiness experts say, women are very happy without marriage.

Benefits of men after marriage 

The study also shows that men calm down after getting married. Even they take less risk in their lives, they also earn a higher income and live longer and independently while women on the other sides have higher risk, less income and mostly lives a dependent life.

When are women most happiest?

Women are most happy until they get married. Once they get married and have children they are frustrated and tired most of the time. Even they are more healthy and fit without marriage.

Stress level of Married women

Women do not take much stress before marriage, once they get married they have higher stress levels.

What study shows?

As studies have indicated that time has completely changed compared to earlier now a woman not only wants to get married and produces only children. They also want to be successful in their lives, to make a good career in their life.

It is only up to them when they want to get married and when they want to have children.
This is entirely their suggestion of what changes they want and when they come into their lives. It is entirely up to them whether they want to get married or whether they want to stay single.

Women are happier these days, they are becoming more successful that they want in their lives. Now they are equal to men in everything. It is completely their lives what they want to do. No one can pressurize them for anything.

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