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How to stay warm in this chilly winter!

stay warm in this chilly winter

There is no doubt in saying that this time the winter has reached on its peak. “It is one of the coldest winter  or chilly winter in last 15 years” Weather forecast said. This new year the temperature has reached to 1.5 degree celsius which is noted maximum in last 15 years, whereas the last year’s lowest temperature was noted 4 degree celsius at the same time.

This time the winter is too chilly. It is difficult to stay warm in this chilly winter! Due to the low temperature, people keep shivering because in this cold season the temperature is decreasing daily. Therefore, we have come up with some tips to keep yourself warm in this chilly winter.

Dress Warm or Dress in Layers

Dressing in multiple layers is the best way to keep yourself warm in this chilly winter.
Cover your body well with warm clothes like warmers and sweaters. Do not open your head, wear a cap over your head to cover your head. As we know, the cold entered into our body either from your head or foot. Therefore, This way will protect you from cold weather.

Wear gloves to protect your hands from cold. Wear a scarf to cover your neck from the cold. Make it a priority to wear warm clothes for this winter. To protect your feet, keep your feet warm by wearing woolen socks and sleepers. If your body is protected with warm clothes then you feel good and stay warm.

Close Your Home Well

Shutting your home from everywhere means closing your doors to keep your house warm in such a way so a cold wind could not enter into the house. Even closing doors is not sufficient, your doors should be covered well with curtains as well, this will protect you from this winter.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

Do not foresee drinking alcohol to keep warm. It can heat you up for a little period of time but it draws heat from your organs. Stay away from cold drinks or beer as well, as both drinks have the property of cold which is used to keep cool from inside, therefore, it becomes necessary to keep you away from such things. Even do not drink cold water instead we’d recommend to drink only hot water at least for next one month. Because the temperature will be low for the next one month throughout the Januaray as per the predictions of weather forecast.

Switch on Your Heating Devices

By the way, if you have a heating device at home, use it and turn it on while you are at home or office as it will make you feel warm until you are at home or offices. Even before going to your bedroom puts your device on, or we will recommend you to use heating devices in your bedroom too. As your bedroom is one of the place where you stay more time especially in night when the temperature is on its lowest.

Have a Hot Meal

In this chilly winter, always consume hot foods only as it will keep your body warm from inside. Becuase once your body warm or energetic from inside it will also give you energy to fight with cold from outside and protect to from the cold. To keep your body warm drink hot drinks like soup. And, eat hot foods only which has the warm property and avoid all food which has cold property for example, rice has the cold property so you should avoid. Instead of rice go for wheat roti with vegetables.

Keep Yourself Active

Staying active is one of the best way to keep yourself warm this winter.
Activation is increasing your blood circulation and makes you energetic. Avoid sitting at home for too long time. Don’t forget to avoid exercise in this winter. As we know, people always makes excuse in winter to wake up in the early morning but it is more important do exercise in winter because doing exercise will keep your body warm.

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