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Fears of rise in domestic violence against women amid lockdown

domestic violence against women amid lockdown

Israeli PM said that no one had the authority to beat women. He speaks about domestic violence against women that how oppressed women face abusive, harassment after marriage.

Women are harassed, almost every house is beaten. It’s really shocking!
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu said that no one beats women like animals. Even animals have their rights

Women and children are with authority

The Prime Minister spoke about violence against women. The Prime Minister of Israel spoke about women rights in the presence of his wife Sara, she is the representative of the women’s group. He spoke on both women and children both have their own rights, no one has the authority to treat them like animals.

The prime minister’s example is taken that the animals made it clear about his comments without any derogatory intent. The Prime Minister of Israel speaks against preventing domestic violence against women. The country had urged domestic violence. Domestic violence cases increase during the coronavirus epidemic during lockdown.

Domestic violence cases increases in lockdown

The number of cases in Israel can be seen during this lockdown period. The Prime Minister strictly stated to stop domestic violence against women. How can anyone beat women like animals? Why? Is there no right for women?

Women in the whole world keep suffering from domestic violence in every part of the world, they have their rights to protect them that no one can harass her for anything.
He compares women with animals to clarify their rights.

He also called for stopping cases of domestic violence against women as it increases day by day. Reportedly the epidemic was almost four times the number of domestic violence cases in Lockdown!

Final verdicts

It is really shocking that women are doing everything for us but what we are doing for her?

Women are the most respected creatures in the world as they sacrifice their entire lives for their families. They deserve our true love, only take care of them. Respect them, they are your mother, sister, wife, daughter.

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