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Scotland – The first country to provide free sanitary products

Scotland free sanitary products

Scotland has become the first country in the world to take advantage of free sanitary products for all, such as sanitary pads and tampons. Period product free provision bill in Scotland on Tuesday.

Now it is mandatory for local people to impose legal fees so that free items like tampons and sanitary pads can be made available to those who need them. The bill was announced by Monica Lennon, in which she campaigned to end poverty since 2016.

This step is more important a practical and progressive piece of legislation because of the epidemic. Periods will obviously not stop due to the coronavirus, so the benefit of sanitary pads and tampons is important.

Periods poverty

Many people in the world who still cannot buy sanitary pads for them due to their low level of income. The average time in a month is 3 to 7 days. It can cost up to 8 pounds a month for sanitary products.

There are various women who are struggling for sanitary material. According to the survey, there are thousands of people who still cannot buy sanitary products in school, collages, in Scotland they are still struggling to get it.

Even around 10% of women in the UK are unable to obtain sanitary products. As per people’s research, there is still unavailability of sanitary products in the world. Many girls feel embarrassed to buy period products. Even many girls miss their school, university because of their periods.

The bill will make the availability of sanitary products

According to the bill, people who needed sanitary products can get it absolutely free. Health boards are already working to distribute free condoms so that anyone who need for a condom can get it for free.

Uniform plan free for period products

According to public service, the government will also make a plan to provide free sanitary products at school, collage and university so that everyone can get it free or use it whoever is needed. We appreciate this government initiative as it will completely change the women lives.

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