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A Story of a billionaire: How this man changed his life “Poor as Hell” to Billionaire?

story of Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a 51-year-old entertainer who is the perfect master of his creative things. He had done more than 1200 episodes on t.v, 22 feature films and nearly 2 dozen stage plays as well as 330 Academy studios.

Perry has raised over $ 1.4 million in one year. He used to buy homes in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He also has 2 planes. His total assets are $1 billion.

Doesn’t it look amazing? Yes, it will surprise you more when you hear the story of this comedian entrepreneur how he has changed his life from “Poor as Hell” to a billionaire?

How Tyler Perry Replaced itself from “Poor as Hell” to Billionaire?

Perry was very poor from his background. He was raised by abusive men who were not his father. He was inspired after watching an episode of Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. Perry has no guardian. He had learned things in progress because no one in his family knew anything about a business. He dropped out of high school. He attained things in his early 20s. He worked in a hotel in New Orleans. Perry began writing scripts, selling service as a car collector, and bill collector. He only received $12000 for the space community theater he rented in Atlanta. One of his plays that made him famous is the story of a child abuser. It was hardly an overnight success. At one point it was not enough to pay his rent and he lived out of his car for three months.

Winfrey invited Perry to his talk show in 2001 Winfrey and harassed the company that had secretly offered it to Perry. Keep your own check under complete control. Perry ruled over $20 million worth of merchandise and collected other $30 million sales videos of the performance. It was a great time for Perry to go to Hollywood.

A 1200-seater Italian building opened in 1920. In 2001, Angels is an entertainment capital. Spry booked 3 nights of a black crazy women’s dairy. Atlanta Perry continued to work on stage plays and film scripts.

Perry rented a warehouse behind a strip club in South Africa. They focused on scenes of the majority of black family scenes living together in Atlanta.

In 2006 when the two struggling broadcast networks UPN and WB merged to form a new one called CW. Perry went back to Hollywood, this time armed with 10 full episodes of television. The network offered $200 million to distance him from the CW, pure gold for such cheap productions and programming on a soap opera budget, as one of the top agent calls.

‘Black people who go to church don’t go to the movies, Perry remembers an executive at the time. He came from a place where black people had already embraced me and loved me, Perry was completely happy and still am.

Perry says I’m on this ground, the fact that hundreds of black and brown people come here to make a living that affects a change.

This was a great story by Tyler Perry that encourages us that whatever the situation is we should never give up. Because once you decide to do something then the whole universe helps you reach your goal.

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