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Another success story of a sick woman, how she set up a global firm: Jules Miller

Success story of Jules Miller, NUE

Jules Miller had become so ill because she had internal bleeding, she was tired, bloated because she was not living her normal life due to her issues. She had a stressful life in London in 2015, when she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome IBS. Then she started thinking about her health, well-being, and supplements.

She started taking supplements to address her health issues, but nothing really worked.

She feels the worst for some time that most of the pills she was taking were filled with fillers and bullying agents.

At this stage of his condition was very worried, depressed, and angry, but she had a weapon which is her grandfather’s chemist’s shop. As her grandfather was her secret weapon and she was a professor at the University of Cambridge. So she started researching dietary supplement formulations and ingredients.

It was a great intuition for Jules Miller, a brand that was supposed to help you, but they contained some ingredients that were medically tested to bring in other symptoms.

Her grandfather inspired her to start her own all-natural supplement business. Then she launched her natural brand called NUE in 2017. And, Her business annual revenue is $10 million in the first year.

“In the year 2020, it made more people worried about their underlying health. The face of the corona epidemic. Therefore I was expecting massive growth How this sick woman established a global firm this year compared to 2019”, She said.

Jules Miller was born in London but his family moved to South America. She learned Spanish her first language, returning to the UK with her family when she was only 7 years old.

After completing her school, she studied philosophy at the University of Birmingham. Compared to working in an advertising company.

She was the head of business development for the vegetarian food firm DETOX KITCHEN before NUE started. She later thinks she will start another business, now she has contacted people who are the founders of fashion and the owners of Equinox, a Harvey American fitness firm, answered both of them.

NUE’S strutting product was called Dibolt, which is a supplement to the IBS juveniles worked on it. Other items followed, such as vitamins, and more recently skin treatments.
Her company was based in Cambridge, to begin with.

Jules Miller

Jules Miller said this is to allow her to better take advantage of the fact that the US is the largest market for dietary supplements. 80% of Americans are taking vitamins and another supplement.

The dietary supplement sector is growing globally.
Annual sales were expected to increase to $210 billion from the year 2012 to $122 billion in the year 2001.

Nue started in 2017 through the website, but now many retailers have stocked it and sold a store in New York.

The total fund has a turnover of $ 11.5 million. Jules Miller and her husband are the largest shareholders. A British nutritionist said that it is good that the company talks in the same way as it goes into products.

She also says that there is a lot of clarity about the value of money and net products for industry products.

A nutritious nutritionist said that eating a balanced diet will provide adequate amounts of vitamin minerals and other nutrients that we need. Jules says it’s about finding out what supplements work for you.

NUE also ran a campaign last year urging people to be mindful of their mental health.
Jules also said that while new products are under development, we want to continue the conversations that surround beauty, wellness, and mental health.

Jules’ journey was not that easy, but she achieved success by becoming a successful businesswoman. Her journey was so difficult that she was not physically well, but still, she researched and found a great opportunity to succeed.

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