A man is forcibly married to his brother’s widow

Marriage wrong decision

Marriage is the purest relationship in the world! It is like a dreamy life, but when you are chosen for right, it can get worse if you get married to the wrong person.

Marriage is something that we want to live with our loved ones in every moment of life.
But there are many such issues related to marriage in India which we have seen every day in India.

Here we are going to discuss the real story of a man who was forcibly married to his brother’s widow as per a Newsblare report.

This is the real story of a boy named Arun(Original name officially disclosed), who is doing his graduation in Delhi. He was only 18 years old, everything went well in his life but suddenly his brother’s accident changed his life! This situation was a difficult time for him as he lost his brother but it was a nightmare in his life. His brother was almost 10 years older than Arun. After the death of his cousin brother, his family started pressuring him to marry his brother’s widow for the sake of his family.

But Arun was only 16! And his brother’s widow Rani was 27 years old. Arun’s family categorically stated that if he does not marry his brother’s wife, they will stop getting him money for his education and they will expel him from family and property.

His family is pressuring him to marry Rani

Arun’s family pressures him to marry Rani. Without education and going to his family was not an option for Arun. Arun’s family lived in a village, Jewar, and Arun, and his father lived in Delhi for Job and his study.

After the death of his cousin, he had to perform for the cremation of his brother. Then a few days later they started getting pressure to marry his brother’s wife. A few days later Arun came to his father from somewhere but they forcibly put to sindoor in his brother’s wife’s head.

Finally, Arun forcibly marries Rani. Now, Arun’s life is fully connected to Rani!

Getting married is not an end for Arun as his troubles start here. Two daughters already. Rani from her first husband, later she came to Delhi with both daughters and started living her life with Arun. The newly married couple has many dreams to fulfill but Arun’s life turns to hell after his marriage.

The rani was not happy even with Arun, even Arun was not there but there was no way for Arun to get him out of this hell.

His wife clearly says that we only married under pressure but never considered me his wife! She neither talks to Arun nor spends her time with Arun, there is no love, no attachment between them.

Arun was with the Rani only in the name of marriage. There was nothing between them.
Arun had responsibility for 2 daughters and his wife Rani, but Arun was always very upset due to his personal life but he continues to bear his responsibilities towards his family under pressure from his family.

Arun Fulfill his dreams

Arun wanted to become a government officer soon after completing his engineering, he was selected as a government official in Delhi. His dreams come true for him. He was very happy, but there was no one who was going to share his happiness with Arun.
His life was full of sorrow and pain. He never spends his life with happiness and love with his wife Rani.

A few years after their marriage Arun’s parents died. Arun is all alone! There was no one who could talk to Arun.

He started his career as an officer

Now Arun is an officer in the Delhi government. Now he is getting a good income for his life. Now you should live your happiness with your work. He seems happy doing his work. And he was a very hard working man and soon he got promoted to the next level.
But still, there was no one who loves Arun personally. Even he does not have a wife who loves Arun.

Life is not fair and easy for everyone. There are thorns in Arun’s life, but he is unable to remove it for the sake of his family and honor. He only needs to pay his duties for what he actually did.

Arun keeps tries to be the best husband

Still, Arun keeps trying to fulfill his wife’s dream and tries to make her happy.
But as she does not want them to be sad with Arun. Some years have passed, now she is pressuring for the marriage of her daughters! Rani sees a number of boys for her daughters Kirti, and Anjali, and they finally decide their marriage and marry the two and send them to their new family.

Arun is only a medium for Arun to fulfill his dreams and responsibility but still, the rani never accepts Arun as her husband.

Is this fair with Arun?

Yet he was very strong that he went through these things in his life.

Still many couples in India are punished because of their family and their honor!
Is compromise really our whole life called respect ??

In this way, Arun’s life was ruined by making the wrong decisions in his life. He can be happy if he is with someone else once again.

How a literate officer got married to illiterate women! And she’s still with him
His parents made the wrong decision for his life.

We should never be bound by conservative things, otherwise, it can ruin our lives.
How a single wrong decision is still made by Arun.

The NewBlare team called Arun to find out all their issues, our concern is to spread awareness about the wrong things that need to be stopped.

I want everyone in the 21st century to ask me to live with wrong and conservative thinking. Please comment and share your thoughts on what he can do for Arun.

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