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A husband finds his wife a ‘call girl’ after marriage

husband wife call girl story

Marriage is made in heaven which we have heard since childhood but it is heaven when you love, take care of partner but when marrying with the wrong partner it becomes hell for both of them.

This is a real incident in the city of Varanasi, where a man who is truly in love with his wife and is waiting for her precious time after his marriage but his life has changed completely!

The boy, whose name is Aditya(husband), was married to Lakshmi (wife) on 30 June 2020 (The real name was not officially disclosed for security reasons). After marriage he finds that his wife is not replying to him at all that she is not interested in talking with her husband, not to spend time with him. Whenever Aditya wanted to talk or spend her time with Lakshmi she immediately makes excuses.

According to the research of the NewsBlare team, we got information – the girl was not interested in marriage but she did under some pressure, but the truth cannot be told without accurate information so we meet her husband Aditya and to obtain information about this case.

Whenever Aditya wanted to ask Lakshmi why she does not want to spend time and precious moments with him! He never gets his answer!

After a week passed or a month passed of his marriage and the excuses changed into arguments with his family, her husband, when they asked why you didn’t want to be with us, she said that don’t pressurize me to stay or love for your son I will file a dowry case against you and your family, after which they became angry that now what they do.

Husband didn’t Understand What Happened to Lakshmi 

Aditya is still unable to understand why she does not want to be with him, but he feels that she may be in trouble as she leaves her family, so she decides to give Lakhmi time. There was no pressure on Lakhmi for anything, even she was sleeping in another room but he hides it from his family because of their relationship. He was very excited about their marriage after their engagement, but between this period Lakhmi never accepted her profession.

She always said that she worked in an office as a receptionist. About 2 months after the wedding she complained to the police that the boy’s family is torturing her for dowry, so please arrest everyone, but due to no evidence, the police shouted at the boys and his family for a committed dowry, warned them not to demand.

Then even after a few days Lakhmi still did not want to stay, now distraught as to what is the matter of hell, he wanted to ask his wife the reason but was unable to find anything, now Lakshmi decided to leave her in-laws and called her family. She left the family of Aditya but the Aditya family also knew about Laxmi’s behavior that they had called their gram panchayat, the police ask to tell about Lakshmi leaving her family to herself, They are not asking to leave nor demand any dowry, if she is unhappy, then she can leave.

Aditya Collected Evidence Against Lakshmi

As suspicion increases over Lakhmi, he still wants to know the reason that his wife is not happy with him, he meets his friends and relatives. Her friends told her all about Lakhmi, who worked as a call girl before marriage, her family fixed her marriage to get money from the boy’s family. Aditya was extremely shocked at what has happened to him.
He found many photos and videos of his wife with various different boys kissing etc.
He was broken inside, now he decided to take action against his wife.

A Husband Wants to Show His Wife’s Reality to Everyone

Now Aditya wanted to show Lakhmi reality to everyone! But he was a boy he was still thinking that he had decided to go to the police, showed him photo videos to the police and sent them everything. He feels he can get justice, but at every step, there is corruption. The photographs and videos that Aditya has sent to the police, which Lakhmi has obtained from the police, are also involved with the police. Now Vikas is losing hope of how he will get justice?

Even after getting so much evidence against his wife, he is helpless and has no hope of justice?

Some girls are really struggling in their marriages. The law for girls is why this has been made, but still some girls like Lakshmi to use their rights as weapons against boys, abusing the law for their own benefit.

She still prefers to be a prostitute instead of starting her new married life with her husband! Some may get an opportunity to change their life but still, they do not want to change it.

Lakshmi’s family knows about her what she is doing, how she is getting the money, instead of understands they are claiming money from the boys’ family.

Lakshmi Blackmailed Her Husband

After knowing the truth about Lakhmi, Aditya ought to know the truth from his wife’s mouth. She later called the wife to know all the things but she used them with evidence due to her very sharp mind. She complained to the police that her husband called her for abusing her and demanded money.

Like she can use the right to save girls but she is using it for her own benefit.

Now she called Aditya and abused him and his family and talked in a way no girl could do in this shaper way.

Law has been made to save the girl, if a man should be punished for being wrong, why can’t women be ??

Marriage is the purest relationship in the world but if we make a relationship with the wrong people then it can get worse.

What do you want to suggest to Aditya to come out of this hellish situation ??

How Lakhmi ruined his life and put him in a dramatic situation as the police did not help Vikas and his family.

How can a girl abuse her rights against boys? Please give him some suggestions so that he can get out of this situation. How should he handle it ??

Let us see what will happen, but still, we are expecting justice for Aditya and his family.
How to get married to a poor girl is a lesson for` the Vikas family!

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