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CBI arrested Uttar Pradesh engineer for sexually abusing 50 children

A man sexually abusing children

Uttar Pradesh engineer sexually assaulted around 50 children in the last 10 years. The accused is an Uttar Pradesh engineer in the irrigation department. He has been arrested for sexually abusing about 50 children. The man was arrested for sexually abusing case against kids.

The accused were selling videos and photos of the terrible act on the child and dark web.
The children, aged about 16 years, exploited about 50 children. Children recovered from the Uttar Pradesh Chitrakoot area.

The accused is JE Rambhavan, posted in the Irrigation Department at Karvi, Chitrakoot. After the CBI investigation, the man was found to be an accused. The CBI has also recovered over 8 lakh cash, more than 8 mobiles, sex toys, laptops, and various other digital devices. The accused person uses the dark web to sell abuses and other material to the child.

The accused man targeted children ages 5 to 16 years. He was associated with Indians and international customers.

According to the CBI, the accused shared sexual exploitation videos of children through the internet using social media platforms. The accused pressures to silence the children.

It is a truly shocking event how an educated person can act shamefully. This is a shameful job done by the engineer in the irrigation department. How does a person have this kind of mindset? When will the crime against children stop? After seeing his e-mail, the CBI was convinced. Individuals with such ill human brains are responsible for this type of crime.

How do these types of individuals use this type of shameful act on social media? When will our country be safe for our children? But eventually, a CBI found him guilty. Many other gadgets were also found with him. CBI seeks a transit remand for accused JE Rambhavan.

How can this kind of cruelty accept with children? kindly share your thoughts on this article, Do comment and share this.

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