Delhi tops the list of marriages during the pandemic

marriages during lockdown in pandemic

Everyone has special dreams and plans for their wedding. This is one of the special day in our life. People want to make it memorable but the pandemic in 2020 has affected people’s plans for their Marriages during lockdown.

Marriage is a very special occasion, gathering of relatives or friends as it is the only one time moment comes into our life but this time due to epidemic social gathering is completely avoided. The number of guests in the lockdown is limited to 50 in Delhi only. When there was no hope of a lockdown being closed and people had no alternative, people inadvertently had to prepare for it.

On the other side, it becomes an opportunity for many people as they saved lakhs of rupees to spend in marriages. According to data, Delhi has the maximum number of marriages during lockdown period in pandemic. Even people have suffered a lot in this period, as one side the fear of coronavirus and other side the maximum marriages in this period of time. Isn’t it shocking? Yes it is!

Marriages during lockdown period

Delhi is not only the city where marriages have taken place but there many other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Lucknow also such places where the maximum number of marriages have been taken place. The data has been revealed by OYO and According to this data, Delhi is on the top with 40% successful marriages during lockdown periods and other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Lucknow are also close to it.

Wedding Venue is liked by the people

Mumbai and Pune hosts indoor weddings at the hotel and banquet halls for their safety issues due to pandemic.

Fortunately, Delhi and Kolkata, prioritized its wedding operations in Farmhouses, Gardens, and Open areas due to maintaining social distancing. Some people prefer to do small weddings to avoid social gatherings. They had invited only his family friends and close relatives.

Couples are preferred for small weddings

However, the couple has shown interest in small weddings too with their limited and special guests.

Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad are the top three states that opt ​​for virtual wedding

Virtual wedding is a marriage ceremony where some or all of its guests join virtually via Video Chat, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Live or Google Meet. Virtual wedding were also in the trend during the pandemic. Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad are the top cities that have opted for virtual weddings. A large virtual wedding was held with 50 guests.

The pandemic was also helpful for couples because the guests are reducing the burden on them. Even people opt for a wedding with limited guests as it does not affect their budget either.

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