How Coronavirus is Re-shaping Friendship

Online Friendship

Lying of coronaviruses is actually shaping friendship and social networks. Before the lockdown, we go to theaters, dance classes, gyms, etc. where we can spend more time with friends. The world has gone online after this lockdown but sometimes people feel lonely. This year too, a large number of people felt lonely in the coronavirus lockdown.

According to the researchers, one in two people is feeling lonely during the lockdown, with other countries such as the US and the UK having this ratio two out of three.

This period of isolation is changing social interaction. An epidemic is spreading everywhere in countries around the world. European countries are returning with high levels of sanctions.

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Join Friendship Network

According to researchers, social behavior changes these days. Many people are reclaiming their social networks, even in a lockdown they will socialize with people as before, people are enjoying their friendships online, people are more close to their friends.

Even in lockdown, people are not treating their friends as before. People have to maintain contact with their friends and relationships. During this lockdown time, people become more attached to their friends.

While social life went online only a few types of relationships survived. Everyone is comfortable with this technique. People can hold together or their bond is strengthening.
Because most people who come online mean that it is easy to connect them by socializing them online.

Going out on chat

There are many people with whom we have not been associated with them before, but during the lockdown, we form an online relationship with them that we miss.

Well, women stay away from their friends, so Zoom has enabled them to continue their friendship. While the men maintain their friendship through online games during the lockdown. More and more people are changing during the lockdown.

Being brought back

Our mental health also changes during this coronavirus. Because you can no longer socialize which will affect you which can lead to loneliness. Whether anyone can try to maintain their friendship. Are we really going to separate from these behaviors? We believe that things will be fixed as before.

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