How to Plan a Romantic Proposal for Your Partner

how to plan a romantic proposal

Your proposal will be one of the biggest and most memorable days for you and your future partner. When it comes down to planning the special day, however, there is a lot to consider which could leave you overwhelmed. This could result in your proposal plan being lacklustre which we’re sure your partner won’t appreciate. 

Proposals are a once – or twice for some people – in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t mess it up by planning it poorly. Follow our tips and plan the best proposal possible. When you do this, you and your partner can reminisce about it as you grow old together. 

Ring shopping

There are several rules for how much you should spend on your engagement ring but finding the perfect one is more important than the price. 

Engagement rings specialist, F.Hinds found that one in five people would be put off if their partner proposed without a ring, so making sure you pick the one could help sway the answer in the direction you’re hoping for. Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes with different centre stones to choose from. Whether you go for a diamond, sapphire or emerald, you’ll want to choose one that you know your partner will love. This is a huge investment that you won’t want to get wrong. 

Pick a date for Plan a proposal

Next, it’s time to choose the day you’ll propose. This will allow you to plan the details of the proposal accurately which will be important down the line. 

There are many universally popular days for engagements including Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. If you want to be more original, however, you may want to choose a date that is special to you. This could be your anniversary or their birthday. Whatever you choose, we’re sure they’ll say yes. 

However, it’s not just the date that’s important as proposing too early in the relationship would cause 47% of Brits to reconsider. Making sure you and your partner are in the same mindset about your relationship is key to ensuring your proposal goes as smoothly as possible.  


Location is everything in a proposal. It is the backdrop to the biggest question you will ever ask so you need to make sure it’s a good one. 

Will you choose somewhere that is scenic, the beach or a woodland walk for example, or will you opt for your favourite restaurant? 32% of those asked would choose to be on a picturesque holiday when their partner pops the question, with romantic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower being at the top of their wish lists. Whatever you decide, make sure it is special and memorable to you as a couple.

It’s important to consider how public you want to make the proposal, is your partner more introvert or extrovert? The F.Hinds study found that 74% of Brits would be put off if their partner proposed to them in public, regardless of whether it was family or strangers they were surrounded by. If you are private individuals proposing in public could lead to your partner feeling uncomfortable, resulting in a memorable proposal for the wrong reasons. With 18% of people more than happy to be proposed to at home, there’s no shame in embracing your inner homebody and popping the question when it’s just the two of you.

When you choose the right spot and consider their feelings, you’re sure to hit the nail on the head with your proposal location. 

Once you have popped the question, there’ll be no time like the present and you’ll be planning your wedding immediately. To give yourself a head start, make sure you know the rules for getting married. After this, it’ll be plain sailing into a happy life with your future marriage partner. 

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