Psychology Reveals: The main reasons for the breakup in love

reasons for the breakup in love

Maintaining a proper and happy relationship is one of the keys to a successful relationship life. The person you are in a relationship with or you want to date, get married, breakup, divorce, it is all up to you. You are the driver of your own relationship car. It is only up to you how you want to manage it. But sometimes something spoils your relationship’s trust which cause the reasons for the breakup which we are going to discuss in this article:

Reasons for the breakup in love

There are many reasons for the breakup in love, psychology reveals – 

1. People may have complications

Well at some point most people are facing complications in their relationship life.

Even many people make wrong and complicated decisions in their life and they decide to leave their relationship.

When you are considering your own situation well it can help resolve the situation and be the right decision for you.

It is important to know about life decisions.

According to a research published by Gary W. Lewandoski Jr., PHD in his book “Stronger Than You Think“, You will see how people have discovered or how people make their relationships to the liking. What are the reasons for the breakup people are facing?

2. Factors when considering a relationship

There may be various reasons for the breakup or continuing a relationship with your partner.

According to Psychology Research, where a survey has been conducted and asked over 400 people about their relationship. They asked for reasons for the breakup or continuing their relationships with their partners.

However, most people have some common causes.

Researchers explore various reasons for leaving or living in relationships – These are the most affecting reasons for the breakup or staying in a relationship.

3. Reasons for staying in a relationship

  1. Emotional intimacy
  2. Emotional investment
  3. Family duty
  4. Partner personality
  5. Enjoyment
  6. Emotional security
  7. Physical intimacy
  8. Financial gain
  9. Compatibility
  10. Partner anxiety

4. Reasons for the breakup

  1. Extra affairs
  2. Trust issue
  3. Partner’s personality
  4. External causes
  5. Physical distance
  6. Conflict
  7. Incompatibility
  8. Emotional distance
  9. Lack of validation
  10. Lack of financial benefits

As such people brought various reasons for the breakup – they particularly focused on the components of important relationships, such as physical attraction, physical intimacy, emotional support.

People are afraid to lose their partners because they have put their time and effort into them.

They are afraid to be alone.

They also consider desirable aspects of their partner’s personality and how happy they were together.

They also factor into practical issues such as family disintegration and financial issues.

Even many couples have common reasons for the breakup in love.

They have many reasons to live and many reasons to leave. But if you only focus on the negative side or problem like the negative personality of the partner, work, distance, no support from a partner, cheat, deception, no support, no intimacy, etc. Then obviously you are loosing your relationship.

5. What do people do?

Well, half the people believe that they remain in their relationship even they are in trouble.

Well being in a relationship takes less effort.

Many people have also thought about breaking up from their partners. They do not believe in being with the person. They believe in ending things. And this is very common.

Hire a personal divorce lawyer before taking any decisions because once you decided to do this the things will never come back again. And, even there are lots of legal terms you need to know, so your personal divorce lawyer will suggest you everything about it.

6. The relationship is a long and winding road

Each relationship has a dilemma as to whether they want to stay or leave.

People experience changes in their commitment over time.

Most people feel that if they were sure they would never marry.

And some think that they were certain that they would marry their partner in the future.

Even the majority of participants expressed several reasons for commitment fluctuations. There may be various reasons for transferring their commitment.

The reason for this is the positive and negative nature of the partner like fun and kind etc.

The next reason is circumstances-events or experiences such as job loss, partner’s illness, etc.

Even the scale of commitments is one of the reasons that actually came up as predicting whether a couple would break up could be deceiving. People are more likely to consider marriage for other reasons, partnering with another dating partner was the main relationship killer.

Psychology says positive feelings, supporting your relationship will boost your relationship and encourage you to live together.

Getting to know each other well, sharing secrets, special moments will strengthen the relationship and help to stay strong.

7. Love is a decision

Although a relationship is not easy to maintain, it is complicated. We are never sure about the future.

The best relationships are to know each other’s problems.

People do not believe to be with the wrong partner.

Knowing each other well helps balance the relationship.

The conclusion

Well, the management of the relationship is in your hands only. It is only up to you to manage your life in your own way. If you move it into the right direction your relationship will drive in the right way or vice versa. We believe the above reasons for the breakup will definitely help you out from the problem that you are facing in your relationship.

Positive feelings will support your relationship, boost your relationship and encourage you to live together. Share your secrets and special moments with your partner that will strengthen the relationship and help to stay strong.


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