The Top 10 Relationship Coaches Transforming Lives in 2021

Relationship Coaches

Having relationships is an integral part of our lives and the foundation of society. However, a number of us face difficulties both personally and professionally due to several external and internal factors. Among relationship coaches, some specialize in trauma recovery. They also create a healthy relationship and build confidence.

Here we present 10 of the leading relationship coaches who have been transforming lives with their unique coaching styles.

1. Jaime Bronstein, LCSW

Relationship therapist and coach Jamie Bronstein has been practicing for 18 years. As well as hosting “Love Talk Live,” she is a radio personality in Los Angeles. With an impressive resume, Jaime also knows how to navigate the highs and lows of dating and relationships for people from all corners of the world. Additionally, she helps clients tap into their inner strengths and intuition, heal their past, love themselves unconditionally, be vulnerable, and live their lives more authentically so they can achieve their relationship goals. As part of her work, Jaime empowers clients to learn that they were born with the potential to experience love – the love that is right for them. Additionally, she is working on a book about manifesting love. Relationship coaches such as her deserve a place on this list.

2. Arica Angelo

Dating and relationship coach Arica Angelo helps men all over the world to become the kind of man women crave, utilizing her extensive experience and YouTube following of nearly 70 thousand views. While undergoing healing herself after a divorce, Arica also worked with countless healers and learned self-development – which helped her develop the powerful techniques that she now teaches to clients. In addition to being lifelong friends, Arica ensures her clients are empowered to be their best selves in the future. It is her knowledge and good advice that helps her clients find love or break bad dating habits.

3. Dr. Morgan Anderson

Dr. Morgan Anderson grew up wanting to help people, which made her a licensed clinical psychologist and a relationship expert. In addition to her understanding of the power of stories, Morgan believes that stories shape our personalities as we grow, which led her to a career as a clinical psychologist.

4. Tiffany Denny & Kierstyn Franklin, The Relationship Recovery

Tiffany Denny and Kierstyn Franklin are the founders of ‘The Relationship Recovery’ movement, and both have experienced the aftermath of a traumatic divorce. Their goal is to help as many people who are left traumatized by marriage and relationship problems as possible. Tiffany and Kierstyn are also very unique coaches, working from a 3-tiered approach based on their experience. The first tier of therapy focuses on laying the foundations for healing; the second tier focuses on clearing trauma; the third tier teaches clients how to live the life they were meant to live.

5. Angela N Holton

Angela N. Holton is an international dating & relationship expert with a strong passion for helping people establish happier and healthier relationships. The Conscious Dating Method, her unique and revolutionary teaching approach, encourages clients to radically change their mindset about dating and focus on their most important relationship, the one with themselves and becoming what they seek in a partner. The approach also facilitates stronger relationships between her clients and their prospects. Moreover, she offers an 8 weeks online course called ‘The Conscious Dating Method: Become the One You Want & Attract the Love You Desire’ that builds a skill set in self-awareness, conscious communication, decision making, vulnerability, and mindset mastery. She has also appeared in various television segments. Additionally, she deserves to be included in the list of best relationship coaches.

6. Christina Roberson

Christina Roberson, a relationship and dating expert who specializes in empowering women to build and maintain positive, lasting relationships, has been hard at work coaching countless clients in 2020. She provides her Instagram audience with insights into all aspects of relationships and dating, drawing support from a loyal following with years of experience in the relationship field. The coaching Christina also offers covers a range of topics, including relationships, self-awareness, and methods of attracting people.

7. Harry Uddoh

The beauty of love is that it is not sufficient enough to build something deep and meaningful on its own. Relationships that succeed need both love and compatibility. Relationship coach Harry Uddoh says he wants his students to understand this. In addition, Harry’s singular personality is a reflection of his attention to relationships and how he sees them. Harry has also used his talent to help others develop the confidence, self-esteem, and mindset required for a long-lasting relationship.

8. Inna Mel

Inna Mel has experienced both healthy and toxic relationships since a very young age. Her ability to differentiate between them is also enhanced by this. As well as understanding the importance of healthy relationships, Inna was also able to improve her relationship skills. She was also able to empathize compassionately with individuals after experiencing first-hand the pain and challenges that they faced. With her years of experience as a relationship coach, Inna also commits herself to help smart and successful women to attract men who respect relationships and value them as individuals.

9. Janelle Fraser

Janelle Fraser is a lover and relationship therapist specializing in communication, intimacy, sexuality, and as well, self-improvement. Besides dancing to heal and liberate couples, she teaches dancing for self-healing. In addition to coaching thousands of clients, she has also hosted hundreds of workshops/retreats. The combination of her sexual abuse experience and also her background in Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, and Yoga has enabled her to facilitate profound and lasting changes for her clients over the past 12 years.

10. Tana Espino

Love’s Hustle therapist Tana Espino is Latina and based in California. The company supports women in overcoming patterns of codependency and anxiety in relationships. As well as guiding her clients daily to healing, Tana also helps them establish a relationship with themselves. It is also her goal to help clients connect with and build a deeper connection with their bodies. As well as regulating the nervous system, Tana makes use of somatic work. In addition, she helps them heal childhood wounds, deepen their connection with themselves, and transform co-dependency into confidence.

Every one of these relationship coaches transforms lives and creates loving, lasting relationships.

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