Top 10 Tips To Wear High Heels Without Pain

Wear High Heels Without Pain

Every girl should learn to Wear High Heels Without Pain. When you put on your brand new heels for the first time, there is nothing quite like the big smile and sense of confidence that you get. The dread you feel as you hobble around the event only one hour into it, wondering how on earth you will survive the day in those shoes when your feet are already throbbing, is also hard to describe. Do high heels relieve pain? Is it possible to wear high heels comfortably? Is it some kind of sorcery that only a few people possess? Does it take a lot of practice to walk in heels?

Here are the 10 ways to Wear High Heels Without Pain

1. Make sure you wear the right size

Wearing shoes for an extended period can cause your feet to swell. After a few hours of wearing heels that are too snug, you’ll surely find yourself in trouble. The last thing you want is an ingrown toenail or bunions.

2. Consider a variety of platforms

You may think those strappy, skinny summer stilettos are a dream. However, it’s important to be realistic about the type of shoe that can be worn for many hours. If the sole is thin, your foot will probably suffer from pain. To provide a bit of a buffer, look for something with a bit of rubber on the bottom. Ideal? A heel with a bit of a platform in front. Platforms make it easier for your feet to rest, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

3. During the occasion

Depending on the occasion and the condition, you should wear heels.

The stilettos make the perfect choice for a romantic date. If, however, you think you will have to walk for a long time, then it will not be the best choice.

In addition, you have to practice wearing those sexy stilettos before the D date and find out how long you are comfortable wearing them.

4. It is better to have thicker heels

You may feel your foot tremble because of the thin heels. And some may even suffer severe leg cramps after wearing them. Although stilettos are perfect for certain occasions and dresses, they shouldn’t be worn every day. You should only wear thin heels on special occasions. In addition, avoid thin soles, since they can irritate the bottoms of your feet. Consider wearing shoes with thicker soles that can withstand pressure from your body weight.

5. Shoe inserts are useful

Under the foot, the footpads are designed specifically for placement. Soreness caused by wearing heels continuously can be alleviated by this method. It would be better if you could find a silicone foot insert to hold your foot and prevent you from falling forward. It would prevent blisters and friction.

6. Take the lead with your thighs

When walking, move your entire leg at once when leading with your thighs. If you think about it: you’re probably used to going with the flow, right? You’ll feel less pressure on your ball of foot if you practice this. Remember to move your legs from the hips and keep them straight. You don’t want your knees bent when wearing heels.

7. Breaks are important

Being on your feet for an extended period will hurt your tootsies regardless of whether you’re wearing heels or not. Try standing and sitting in heels throughout the day/night.

8. With band-aids, you can prevent blisters.

When wearing heels, always keep band-aids in your handbag. If you suspect your heels will cause you blisters, then put on some bandaids around the ankles and toes beforehand. Try to control blisters and heel pain, as they are too much to handle.

9. Massage and stretching

It is especially important for women who wear heels every day. Massage and stretch your feet and toes after you wear heels all night, so your feet can relax and you can prepare them to wear heels again if you’re going to wear heels the next day.

10. Take the Strappy route

With straps, such as ballet slippers, Mary Janes, gladiators, or T-straps, heels are more comfortable to walk in.


No matter how comfortable your sneakers are, you can’t wear them every day. Start with something neutral and steadfast. Walk-in heels, you can wear them even while grocery shopping. Not only will you look smart, but you will also gain confidence. Think about these things before shopping for shoes. In this way, you will be able to gain enough knowledge before investing in the heels you had always wanted.

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