After Thailand and Sri Lanka, Iran opens its doors to Indian tourists visa-free!

Iran free visa for Indian

According to a statement issued by the Embassy of Iran here on Tuesday, Indian tourists will no longer need visas/visa free to visit Iran from February 4.

Iran announced Tuesday that Indians and citizens of several other nations would be able to travel visa-free for 15 days, following Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Visa-free entry has been rolled out for Indian citizens from February 4 subject to four conditions,” the Iranian embassy announced.

Iran will allow ordinary passport holders to enter without a visa once every six months for a maximum stay of 15 days, according to the Embassy.

The statement clarified that the 15-day period cannot be extended.

Visitors to Iran for tourism purposes are exempt from requiring a visa. Indians visiting Iran for business or education purposes will need a visa.

Visas are required for those who wish to visit Iran more than once within six months.

According to the statement, visa-free entry would only apply to Indian tourists arriving by air to Iran.

It is not possible to enter Iran without a visa if you enter through Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or any neighbouring nation.

India can now visit Iran without a visa, joining Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam as countries that have recently waived visa requirements for Indians.

The new rules are as follows

According to the statement from the ministry, ordinary passport holders can enter the country without a visa once every six months for a maximum of 15 days.

“The 15-day period cannot be extended.”

Visa abolition applies only to tourists entering the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For this reason, Indians who wish to stay longer, make multiple entries within six months, or require other types of visas must apply to Iranian missions in India for the necessary visas.

This approval specifically applies to Indian nationals who enter the country through the air border.

Iranian authorities approved a new visa-free program in December for India and 32 other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The following countries offer visa-free travel-Iran free visa for Indian

 Kenya-Iran free visa for Indian

Kenya will eliminate visa requirements for international visitors on January 1, boosting the country’s crucial tourism sector.

William Ruto said, “Anyone can come to Kenya without the burden of applying for a visa from any corner of the world.”.

 Malaysia-Iran free visa for Indian

From December 1, 2023, Indian and Chinese tourists can enter Malaysia without a visa and stay for up to 30 days.

According to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the exemption is subject to top security screening

It will be mandatory to conduct initial screenings for all tourists and visitors to Malaysia. Security is another matter. If there are criminal records or terrorist threats, they will not be allowed in, the prime minister said.

Sri Lanka

Until March 31, 2024, Sri Lanka will grant visa-free entry to visitors from India and six other countries, including China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand.


From November 1, Thailand will grant 30-day visa-free entry to Indian and Taiwanese visitors. The initiative will remain in effect until May 10, 2024.


Earlier this year, Vietnam also announced that it was considering providing visa-free entry for Indians and Chinese to increase tourism. Currently, citizens of certain European countries enjoy visa-free access, while others can obtain an e-visa with a 90-day validity and multiple entry options.

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