Top 5 Exotic Foreign Destinations Capturing the Attention of Indian Travelers!

Foreign Destinations for indians

According to a survey by Acko in collaboration with YouGov, a market research firm, Thailand is not among the top five foreign destinations Indians visit. To gain a better understanding of the key patterns Indians consider when traveling this year, 1,000 travellers were interviewed.

Maldives is the preferred beach Foreign destination, and the Yash Chopra created charm of Switzerland has not faded. Dubai and Singapore feature in the top five as expected.

Factors of Consideration for Foreign Destinations

Here are few factors that matters of consideration for Foreign destinations –

It is important a Lower ticket price

Despite the fact that 39% of respondents said that the lowest or lower ticket prices were a matter of consideration, 50% of respondents stated that comfort was of the utmost importance. With 38% votes for each, flexibility of travel bookings and cleanliness of flights, buses and trains were also important considerations.

Rooms that are clean and accessible

When it comes to accommodations, 51% respondents said they looked for clean rooms, a nice smell, daily room service, and first aid.

With 46% of voters, convenience, safety, and accessibility were the second most important considerations while go for any Foreign Destinations, Travelers also consider amenities such as TV, Wi-Fi, toiletries, newspapers, and other amenities in their rooms (38%), as well as complimentary food and beverages (36%).

Local activities that are convenient

There is a large interest in adventure holidays, according to one in three respondents. In terms of local activities, 51% said convenience, safety, and accessibility were important factors. Travelers rated the cleanliness of the venue as important to 45%, while 39% rated the quality and patience of guides as important to 36%. The ease of booking tickets for an activity or venue was also rated as a concern by 36%.

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