The Ultimate Guide to Cool Bars in Orlando

Guide to Cool Bars in Orlando

It’s been estimated that around 74 million people visit Orlando every year.  It’s often referred to as the “theme park capital”. It’s known for its fun attractions, nightlife, and entertainment scene. The city ‘Orlando’ boasts an impressive array of cool bars that cater to diverse tastes.

The bar city has something to offer to everyone. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or if you’ve recently moved to the area, you’ll find this article helpful. 

There are countless bars to visit, but some are better than others. We’ve created this comprehensive guide that includes cool bars in Orlando so you can plan accordingly and decide which places you want to stop at first. 

From trendy rooftop venues to speakeasies with a touch of history, here’s your ultimate list to experiencing the best of Orlando’s bar scene.

Things To Consider

When you’re looking for a bar, there are a few factors to consider. Some bars are better for specific circumstances. 

If you’re expecting a romantic atmosphere, you’ll be disappointed by showing up at a dive bar, even if the drinks are good. 

Expectations are everything and that’s why we always consider the ambiance and the atmosphere as they can greatly affect your enjoyment. 

You should also consider the cost. How much do you want to spend on your night out? Some bars may be more upscale, with higher prices, while others offer more affordable options.

Music and entertainment are also factors to think about. There are many Orlando bars that offer live music. 

The drink selection is another big thing to keep in mind. If you only drink beer, going to a wine bar that doesn’t offer other drinks may not be enjoyable for you. 

Hanson’s Shoe Repair

We are starting this guide off strong with Hanson’s Shoe Repair. It’s one of our top picks and is a favorite for many people. 

It’s a speakeasy that’s tucked behind a “shoe repair” sign. Once you step inside, you’ll feel as if you’re in a new era.

It’s designed to transport customers back to Prohibition times. It has vintage decor and is dimly lit to create the ambiance. 

This famous bar is considered to have an upscale vibe and you’ll feel a little mystery in the air. The cocktails will exceed your expectations. 

There are classic recipes and the menu also includes innovative concoctions if you want to step out of your comfort zone a little. 

To get into the bar, you’ll need to check their Twitter account for the daily password. This unique aspect only adds to the entire experience. 

Mathers Social Gathering

Another classy bar is the Mathers Social Gathering. It’s a speakeasy-style bar that’s definitely worth a visit. 

It has a charming, sexy feel to it. It’s also been described as having an atmosphere of modern sophistication. There’s a lot of elegant decor and antique furniture. 

It’s easy to get to as it’s located downtown. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there are some rules that you must follow. There is a strict dress code, which may take some planning. Bright clubwear, sneakers, flip-flops, and Crocs are not allowed. 

People will typically wear classy and sharp dress wear. If you’re wearing ripped jeans, shorts, or a romper, you won’t be allowed inside. 

If you’re a lover of whiskey and bourbon, you’re going to want to put this place at the top of your list. They have an extensive selection of other spirits as well. 

The Courtesy Bar

Are you and your friends looking for a trendy bar to hang out at? If so, the Courtesy Bar is for you. 

This bar is located in the North Quarter District. The bar has a trendy but chic vibe and is not lacking in the innovative mixology department. 

Their cocktail menu is very impressive and if you want to learn from the best, they offer a class. This could be a fun date night or an activity you can do with your friends.

The bartenders take pride in their craft and only use high-quality ingredients. You can enjoy your custom cocktails in a laid-back environment and enjoy a night of relaxation. 

They do accept walk-ins; however, if you have a party with four or more, it’s recommended that you make a reservation. 

The Thirsty Topher

Are you a beer enthusiast? Well, you’re going to want to check out The Thirsty Topher. It really is one of a kind. 

It’s located in the charming Ivanhoe Village neighborhood. It’s a hidden gem. 

It has a laid-back and personal feel to it. That might be because there are no TVs and no Wi-fi in this beer bar. The owners and bartenders want everyone who visits to be focused on their beer and the people they are with. 

There is a rotation selection of beers, so even after you’ve gone, you can return and have a whole new experience. They offer international brews and local ones. 

If you have questions or if you’re fascinated by the history of the beer-making process, the bartenders are experts and will be happy to educate you. 

The staff is welcoming to everyone, whether you know all about different brews or if you’re a beer novice.

Elixir Orlando

If you’re looking for live entertainment and good drinks, Elixir is the place to go. They often have DJs and artists playing, especially on the weekends. Be sure to check their website for the schedule. 

This cocktail lounge is located at 9 W Washington St, Orlando, which is in the Colonialtown neighborhood.

It has a modern and sleek design. They have a large selection on their cocktail menu and the bartenders are always happy to create a unique drink that fits your preferences and your mood. 

Stardust Lounge

The Stardust Lounge is unique in that it’s located “underground”. It’s located in the downstairs portion of the restaurant called The Dust. 

It’s a stylish bar in the heart of downtown and is known to be one of the cool bars in Orlando. It’s retro-themed with a neon-lit sign, red leather booths, and chrome lamps. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, and very retro-chic. 

This bar also offers a wide selection of spirits, cocktails, and craft beers. If you’re looking for something fun to do, they have monthly burlesque shows and dirty bingo will be coming soon. 

The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse is the perfect place to gather with friends or on a date. Located in an “old Hollywood glam house,” there’s a side patio and front porch. It’s been open for about 20 years and has a full bar.

It’s the perfect location if you want a more refined night out. It’s intimate and sophisticated, with impressive mixed drinks and shareable snacks. 

Vanbarry’s Public House

If you’ve had a long week at work and you’re looking for a casual night out, Vanbarry’s Public House is the place for you. It’s the perfect spot to unwind. It has a classic pub vibe and is a favorite among locals. 

The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is inviting and warm. There’s a variety of beers on tap that you can enjoy. 

It’s located in the Delaney Park neighborhood at 4120 S Orange Ave. 

The Woods Orlando

This is a high-end cocktail bar and lounge owned by none other than Tiger Woods. It’s an upscale spot with an extensive selection of premium spirits and cocktails. 

The Woods Orlando is luxurious and you’ll leave with a great memory of a night on the town. 

The service shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s impeccable. A new menu is dropping on August 1st, so be sure to check it out soon. 

Player 1 Video Game Bar

This bar is different from all the others on our list. It’s a haven for anyone who loves to game. They have craft beers, themed cocktails, and video games from every generation.

They have a lot of events during the week as well. Keep in mind there is an entrance fee that ranges from $5 to $8. You’ll also need to present a valid ID to get in. 

The Imperial

The Imperial is another great option if you’re visiting Orlando. It’s becoming a favorite among locals. 

It’s gained a reputation for its atmosphere and expertly crafted cocktails. You’ll feel welcomed as soon as you step inside. 

The drinks contain high-quality ingredients and have a creative flare to them. There’s something on the menu for everyone. 

They have several cocktail hours that you can take advantage of and enjoy. 

The restaurant is also very involved in the community. They host charity events and collaborate with local businesses. 

They also have talented live entertainment, which helps create a friendly environment. If you’re new to the area, this is a great place to meet new people as well. 

The Gnarly Barley

If you’re looking for good food and good beer, The Gnarly Barley is the place to go. This place is very casual. The building itself isn’t much to look at. However, their brisket tacos are unmatched. 

They have sandwiches, appetizers, salads, tacos, and sides available on their menu. They do have an online order option if you don’t have time to eat. 

There are typically 15 to 16 beers on tap as well as canned options. If you’re not a beer drinker, there’s wine and cocktails. 

This is the perfect place to stop after an afternoon on the lake or in the springs. You can expect the atmosphere to be casual and friendly and you can bring your children with you. 

Tips for Navigating Orlando’s Bar Scene

Going to the best bars in Orlando can require some planning. You’ll need to think about transportation and dress codes. 

One of the best things about Orlando is the public transportation. There are many options and each one can be used to ensure you get back to your house or hotel safely. 

If you’re planning an event or have a large group, making a reservation is your best option. Keep in mind, not all bars accept reservations. Having a backup plan can be very helpful and ensure you and your friends or date have somewhere to go. 

Finding the Best Bars: Cool Bars in Orlando

Finding the best bars can be challenging. There are so many, but that means there’s an option for every occasion. 

Unfortunately, we can’t list every bar in Orlando. We do have a few tips on how to determine if a bar is worth visiting if it’s not on our guide. 

If you’re going to Orlando, be sure to read reviews before visiting a bar. You will be able to gather a lot of information from other people’s experiences. 

Checking the website is another great option. You can read through the menu and decide if there is anything listed that you’d like or want to try. 

You should check their social media pages. This is where you can determine the vibe and atmosphere of the bars. 

Always check the dress code as well. You don’t want to show up and not be able to get in. There’s a blog on things to do and Orlando attractions as well that will prove to be beneficial. 

Toast to the Town: The Cool Bars in Orlando

The bar scene in Orlando has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a cold beer, a craft cocktail, or an adventurous speakeasy experience, there’s a spot for you. 

Keep this guide for future reference, so that when it’s time for your trip to the city, you know the cool bars in Orlando to visit. The bars on this list not only offer an extensive selection of drinks but also deliver a memorable dining experience. 

We hope you enjoy your culinary journey through the Orlando bar scene! Keep browsing our site for more travel suggestions and recommendations. 

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