Choosing a Holiday in 2022 – What Travel Options Are There?

Holiday in 2022 | Travel options

It’s been a stressful couple of years for many people, to say the least. A global pandemic, a mounting climate crisis and shortages of all manner of produce have rendered many of us in need of a good holiday – which, ironically, was one of the main things we weren’t allowed to do. 

However, with national restrictions all but gone, and popular destinations like France and Portugal relaxing border restrictions, holiday season seems to be back on! But holidaymakers are spoilt for choice, and you too might be struggling to pick the right holiday for your mood and budget. Here are some excellent travel options for 2022:

Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are amongst the most popular form of getaway for Brits, with more than 40% of UK holidaymakers taking a beach holiday pre-pandemic. As restrictions ease and the weather gets warmer, 2022 is certain to be a comeback year for a quintessential form of holiday – whether taken at one of the UK’s famous resort towns or at a place in the Mediterranean sun.

Bristol and Brighton are strong choices for a domestic beach holiday, making the most of the slightly warmer climate and both boasting peerless seaside culture. Meanwhile, international destinations are once again seeing tourists flock to their shores, with the Costa Blanca being a particularly popular choice for UK citizens.

City Breaks

Another popular option is the city break – by virtue of often being shorter and cheaper than other forms of getaway. City breaks are a unique way to experience the culture of another place, from the ground up; you could be exploring the streets of Barcelona’s Cuitat Vella, or sampling the unparalleled culinary options of Paris. 

City breaks can be an inexpensive way to take a holiday, requiring less in terms of packing and often offering budget accommodation options to suit your needs. Transport may also be much easier, by virtue of cities being well-connected.

Camping and Caravanning

For those with a little more of an adventurous streak, look no further a camp or caravan holiday. Campers can find specific sites to camp both domestically and internationally, needing not much more than supplies and a decent tent to enjoy what nature has to offer.

In terms of caravanning, the only additional outlays you’d have to plan for would be fuel and motorhome insurance, to make sure your vehicle and belongings alike are covered if the worst were to happen. With those sorted, the open road offers boundless possibilities – and even the option of hopping borders.


For some, though, a simple camping trip isn’t quite enough. There’s a massive world out there, full of surprises and mysteries – and exploring it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Longer-term backpacking trips to far-flung places can expand your horizons, but also cost a pretty penny. Going it alone is by no means unheard of, but group backpacking trips are an excellent way to see the world and stay safe in the process. 

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